Computer Guide: Editing User Accounts in Windows

In this article, we will tackle how to setup the Windows User Accounts. This will allow you to add new accounts or close old accounts. You can even change passwords or upgrade accounts from “standard user” to “administrator.” First we will cover how to use the windows XP interface, then we will see how to use the windows vista and windows 7 interface.

Part One: Windows XP interface.

To edit user accounts in windows xp:

1. Press the start menu key in the bottom left area of the screen.
2. Click on Control Panel.
3. Find the “User Accounts” button and double click it.

Your first three options will be: change an account, create a new account and change the way users log on or off. Clicking change an account will allow you to manage existing accounts. From there, you will be able to:

1. Change my name. This allows you to change the name of the selected account.
2. Change my password. Click this to EDIT your current password.
3. Remove my password. This removes the password associated with the account.

Anyone will be able to access this account!
4. Change my picture. Edit your account profile picture. This is the image you see at the top of the open start menu and the login screen.
5. Change my account type. This option allows you to change from standard user to admistrative user.

The second option, create a new account, is a very straightforward manner of creating a new windows user account. After selecting the name of the new account and choosing whether to make it an administrative account or a standard account, you will be able to manage it with the step one instructions.

Finally, the third option, change the way users log on or off, allows you to choose between two options. The first option allows you to display the welcome screen as users attempt to login. This will list all of the accounts on the computer. If this is disabled, then a prompt will appear instead where the user needs to type the account name and password to log in. The second option determines whether a user account “shuts down” when the log off button is clicked. This will allow your programs and documents to remain open while someone else uses the computer and then you will be able to log back on to your account and find all your work intact.

Part Two: Windows Vista and Windows 7 Interface.

To edit the users in the later versions of windows:

1. Click on the start menu key in the bottom left area of the screen.
2. Click on Control Panel on the right side.
3. Click on User Accounts and Family Safety.
4. Click on User Accounts.

The screen that appears will allow you to perform all of the same functions as the old windows XP interface except that you will be able to do so in less clicks. For example, the options on the main screen are:

1. Create a password for your account/Edit your password.
2. Change your picture.
3. Change your account name.
4. Change your account type.
5. Manage another account.
6. Change User Account Control Settings.

The main difference between XP and Vista/Windows 7 is the addition of the 6th option to control UAC or User Account Control. This is the additional screen that appears when making changes to your computer system to confirm that you want to proceed. After clicking on this option, you will be able to choose what sensitivity to set the UAC settings to, if any. Slide the bar all the way to the bottom to turn off UAC.

Written by Karim Salmi .

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