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iPhone Feature Request: Copy ‘Skip Lock Screen’ feature from Google’s Pixel 4

Face Unlock on Google’s Pixel 4 is less secure than the iPhone’s Face ID, but it does have one feature I’d like to see Apple copy: Skip Lock Screen.

Copying that would be perfectly fair, as Google has recently confirmed that it will be copying at least part of Face ID’s Require Attention feature…

The Pixel 4 will copy Require AttentionLike Apple’s iPhone X, XS, and 11, Google’s new flagship Pixel 4 smartphone can unlock by recognizing your face. However, the company quickly came under fire when it was revealed that the device can be unlocked even when the owner is asleep, simply by someone else holding it up to their face.

With iPhones, there is a Requires Attention toggle. When this is on, your iPhone will only unlock if your eyes are open and you are actually looking at the screen. Google has now said that it plans to copy at least the first part of this requirement.

Google this evening confirmed to The Verge that it’s “been working on an option for users to require their eyes to be ope…

Do You Need Help To Properly Pick A Back Up Hard Drive?

Is your computer memory filled with data? Find out the newest portable external hard drive. Do you need 500 GB memory space? Buy a portable drive. Isata external hard drive is a fast drive. Use an external hard drive with a USB 2.0. Check this article to learn more new external drives.

A portable external hard drive is indeed essential in this generation where people can no longer seem to live without computers. More than the convenience of communicating, sharing information and other things that you could do through the internet, computers have become the go-to machine when it comes to typing, playing music and making other things.

You can even use a computer for editing videos, photos and audio files. With the many things that you can do with computers, one thing you need to consider is memory. Undeniably, the desktop computer can house more memory as compared to the laptop computer. Portable external hard drive can expand your computer's memory.

Some files and programs you may not want to store them in your computer anymore. You can decide to erase a few of your files, but then you can always get a back up hard drive to address your needs.

You could always doubt how technology is working, but if you are computer savvy, you would be dying every minute that pass without you having a more sophisticated item like the external hard drive. Yes, everyone is simply getting the Esata external hard drive because of its reputation for being the fastest connectivity device as compared to the firewire and the USB 2.0 connectors.

The portable external hard drive is a more convenient way to store your files and keep them on the go. It is going to be really very easy for you to access your files, wherever you are and even if you are using someone else's computer.

Different features have been developed to even make a computer bug's life much easier. There are even one TB external hard drives, which mean that these can store up to 1 terabyte of files. That is hundreds, if not thousands, of folds more than your floppy disk could do.

Aside from that, there is also a 500 gb external hard drive for you to try. Of course the connectivity could also vary from esata to firewire and to USB 2.0 which most computers are built with.

Another thing that you can trust in the portable external hard drive is that they are sold at a price that range from cheap to expensive. It all depends on the brand and capacity of the item.

You could find the best external hard drive in most IT shops and if ever you have problems or doubts, you could look for external hard drives review to help you out. You have to ensure getting your money’s worth by carefully buying the best portable external hard drive.

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