How to install Android 5.0 on Galaxy S3 Lollipop via custom ROM

How to install Android 5.0 on Galaxy S3 Lollipop via custom ROM

No word yet if Samsung will roll out the latest Android 5.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Lollipop.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is turning three years old in March and by the common rules of the release of the operating systems, devices that are two years or more are not on the priority list of manufacturers. However, considering that

the Galaxy S3 is one of the most popular Samsung phones, users have the hope that they will get to lick the sweet taste of the new operating system Lollipop.

This can be solved as a developer found a hack to deliver the new Android operating system Galaxy S3 devices. As reported by AutooMobile, the Galaxy S3 users can now update their phones via Custom ROM.

According to the instructions provided by tech site, users need to root your device using CWM recovery and unlock the bootloader. They should also ensure that the PC is installed with all the top drivers and the new Android 5.0 for S3 Lollipop, Arter97 Kernel for S3 and CWM recovery. Those who want to get the new operating system are also reminded to ensure that the device has at least 50 percent of the battery life and all important files are backed up.

Then you can follow the step by step procedure: users must restore the backup of the backup folder on the SD card to install the ROM. Then, you must extract the zip file, copy and paste the ROM on your Galaxy S3, then enter recovery mode, after which they have to kill all smartphone data. The final step is to restore the backup copy and update the kernel downloaded.

Autoomobile explains that the latest version of Android software will bring improvements to the device, such as dual-boot functionality, faster performance, better battery capacity, etc. However, the custom ROM works only for Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3 model. Also, there are a number of mistakes that developers should fix as sensors and camera does not work as well as problems with wireless, storage, Wi-Fi, GPS and off screen. Therefore, the user is cautioned to make such updates with caution.

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