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Google Pixel 4 leak: astrophotography mode is coming!

You’ll be able to capture ‘even the stars,’ says Google in a leaked marketing video.
The Pixel 4 may allow photography enthusiasts to do something they've never been able to do before with a smartphone camera: astrophotography. A seemingly official marketing video uploaded by Pro Android shows Google's newest smartphone will feature a dedicated mode for taking photos of the night sky. Unfortunately, the ad provides few details about how the new functionality will work other than to promise you'll be able to capture "even the stars." Based on the "hold still" prompt shown in the video, the one detail we can glean is that you won't need a tripod to use to take advantage of the feature.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Details Emerge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release

The first batch of credible data release Samsung Galaxy S6 today have emerged just weeks after Samsung launched the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 4 Edge and several months after the company delivered its current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

In April, Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 monitoring in the form of the S5 Galaxy, a device that has one of the best screens of smartphones in the market, a new plastic design, a faster processor, better TouchWiz camera and software, and more. While the Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphones of the year, the device has not been able to pull the mobile division of Samsung fledgeling.

Weeks ago, the company announced two new smartphones on the edge of the galaxy note Galaxy Note 4 and two large screen devices that complement the Galaxy S5 this holiday shopping season. This line of smartphones should maintain through the beginning of the year, although it seems that Samsung is preparing a replacement for the Galaxy S5, S6 a news galaxy that could be a major upgrade from the current model.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors have been scarce in the months since the launch of the S5 Galaxy and Galaxy 4 weeks from the Galaxy Note Release Note and Edge but out of habit, it seems that we will hear much more about the device this fall as we leaders in the new year and launch window Samsung galaxy S usual in Q1 and Q2.

According SamMobile a reliable publication that often escapes precise rumors Galaxy smartphone, the 'Galaxy S6 is in its early stages of development "and is called Project Zero behind the scenes. This is a departure from usual Samsung codenames have included Project for the Galaxy S4 J and K Project for the Galaxy S5. The publication states that the change could reflect the massive changes that come with the Galaxy S6, a device that Samsung hopes will surely turn your luck.

The statement S6 galaxy is in its early stages which means that the specifications and features are still difficult to achieve. Normally, Samsung makes several prototypes through their testing process resulting in numerous sets of specifications and features rumored. The device supposedly will come with a "new vision" and the company expects to start from scratch. It is unclear what that means for the design or specifications S6 Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 but always provides updates on its flagship Galaxy S.

With a change of more designs high quality plastic and metal Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha Edge smartphone Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy could look to roll out high-quality design that challenges designs found in Apple's iPhone and HTC smartphones. Improvements on the screen, camera and processor are probably so because they have been updated every year.

The launch date Samsung Galaxy S6 is out of reach and it is unclear whether the company plans to continue its usual release pattern. The last two models Galaxy S, Galaxy Galaxy S4 and S5, were announced in both Q1 and released in April ahead of the summer. Last year, Samsung used the Mobile World Congress to announce the Galaxy S5 unboxed during an event. The MWC 2015 is scheduled to take place in early March, which runs from March 2 to March 5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors of release is likely to start to achieve in the first quarter of 2015 as Samsung finalizes its plans. For now, the Galaxy S5 Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge serve as high-end offerings of the company and the best direct flight devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus rivals LG and aging G3.

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