Marshmallow 6.0.1 already hitting Android one devices

Marshmallow 6.0.1 already suggest Android one devices

now that marshmallow (Android 6.0) has been around for several weeks, it is not surprising that there is already an update 6.0.1 suggest some devices. In this particular case, said devices are select an Android handsets. According to reports, only a limited number of users have received the update, but so far. Take a look:

Android 6.0.1 become available for Android One

after a Google search, the model number is listed, H220 is the cherry mobile Android G1 for the Philippines. Strangely enough the Android Security patch level is from 1. December 2015 Despite today not only November 22, 2015. Provided that the roll-out is not a mistake, it seems to imply that Google has already finalized the updated integrated voice patch despite this month, just over one week left.

There is currently no information as to what this 6.0.1 update brings with it, but the general assumption about the Internet is that it closely with fixes and improvements of stability.

Phone Arena has reported that "HTC ROM Developer @LlabTooFeR has it, after 6.0.1, Google plans to roll out Android 6.1 Marshmallow, although this is likely to happen from next year." Assuming this is true, it would raise the question of whether Google release 6.0.1 to other equipment (e.g. the Nexus series) simply directly to 6.1.

We have more to this story as it develops, but now let us all our eyes open for any updates that may be the country in the next few weeks.

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