Apple's swift programming language is now open source and has its own website

Apple's swift programming language is now open source and has its own website

Apple had until the end of the year in order to make good swift open source, and now it has. The language, together with his compilers, libraries and debugger are all open source.

Swift was released under the Apache 2.0 license, which means that the developers can use as you like - even in commercial products. It supports iOS, OS X and Linux.

Getting started with the swift as an Open Source project, Apple also has its own website: It developers will find everything you need to get started with swift for own projects, such as the technical documentation and links to the source code, what Apple is hosting on GitHub.

Apple's swift programming language is now open source also holds information about what Apple is currently planning to do with swift 3, including API guidelines and where Issue Tracking will take place. Questions and comments are best about, while contributions to the language should be on GitHub. Apple is the treatment of Swift's site as a "home of the product."

GitHub head of Open Source, Brandon Keepers, said: "With the open-source version of swift on GitHub, Apple brings its modern programming language to the world's largest development of the Community. We welcome the rapid and can not wait to see what the GitHub community builds."

"The more 'open', which has to do with Apple, the more difficult it is for people to identify 'Closed' or discuss "walled gardens", says Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst for Moor insights and strategies. "Through the opening of the swift, Apple could now 100s of thousands more programrs to improve the code, this could really help in IoT applications in which tiny changes are really important. Apple has a pretty good track record with open related WebKit and LLVM, i.e. during the success is not guaranteed, the company is really good."

In the production of the open source language, seems Apple simply wants everyone to use Swift. At the core of what swift is now only be integrated on each system without jump through a series of obstacles. Apple has keep much of IT platform features like CloudKit, HomeKit and Scen kit closed, but this is only an Apple developer account.

It will be interesting to see where an open source Swift. Apple ResearchKit is already open source, as WebKit, the rendering engine that powers of Safari.


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