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Google is not done with Google Glass Not yet. Finally we have our first look at what the rebooted augmented reality glasses will look like. Spoiler warning: not very different.

The first images from Google Glass 2.0 published online with friendly permission of documents released to the Federal Communications Commission website.

The Augmented Reality glasses shown in the images are reportedly for the Google glass "Enterprise Edition", the rebooted version of glass made by Tony Fadell and his team.

Whereas the original Google glass "Explorer Edition" is aimed at the consumer, the Explorer Edition is designed to help at work. As already reported, the new version of Google glass has a larger glass prism, a faster Intel Atom Processor, 5 GHz WLAN for more bandwidth-intensive tasks such as Streaming video and a rugged and waterproof design.

the new version of Google glass has a larger glass prism

Look carefully and you can also see that there is a folding hinge, where the length of the wearable meets the glass prism. The hinge should make google glass easier to stow in the bag; the only way to save the old version was the supplied hard/soft case.

Clearly that is missing is any kind of wire model to keep the wearable cases from the face. A patent has been granted Google in Nov 24 shows a similar model wire-free version of glass with a wavy flexible design, but it is unclear whether they were the same thing, or if the design is for the rumored "Sport" model.

After 9UP5Google, hundreds of participants in the "glass-for-work" program are testing the device in the field, although Google has not yet officially announce the product.

Details are sparse, but one thing we pray not return with the next version of Google glass is a high price to pay. The original Google glass sold for $1,500 a pop. While this was supposed to be a "developers" product, Google eventually made it available to everyone and it was much too expensive for the majority of people even to consider the purchase.


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