Save $30 on Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Kids Edition

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Kids EditionEcho Dot (3rd Gen) Kids Edition, an Echo designed for kids with parental controls - BlueList Price: $69.99
With Deal: $39.99
You Save: $30.00 (43%)Designed with kids in mind - They can ask Alexa to play music, hear stories, call approved friends and family, and explore a world of kid-friendly skills.Buy from USABuy from UK


Anker's compact LED flashlight lasts up to 20 hours and is on sale for $19

Anker's Bolder LC40 rechargeable battery LED flashlight is down to $18.99 on Amazon if you clip the $4 off on-page coupon. That's a great low price and one of the lowest ones we've seen in a while. It's only $6 more than the LC30 version.

The LC40 is a wonderfully compact little flashlight with a powerful light and a great long-lasting battery. The light is a 400-lumen Cree LED. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. That's such a long time you'll be using this flashlight for years before you notice any diminishing in the bulb. And it's so cheap you can just buy another one. You'll be able to light up any dark space with however much light you need, and the flashlight has five lighting modes (high, medium , low, strobe, and SOS).

The long-lasting battery works for up to continuous 20 hours in medium-beam mode. Obviously if you bump it up to high you're going to lose a few hours off that, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem if you find what you're looking for that much faster. This is non-diminishing brightness, too, so it won't fade over time. The light will stay strong until there's nothing left to power it. The included 3350mAh battery recharges in just six hours with the included micro USB cable.

The flashlight can survive the outdoors, too. It's a tough and reliable little flashlight with an IPX5 rating. That means it'll survive the rain. Its durable aluminum body is also shock resistant so it can take a rough landing if it needs to.

The flashlight is easy to grip and easy to carry around. It has an anti-slip finish so you won't drop it even if you're stuck in the rain or something like that.

Anker backs this up with an 18-month warranty.

Source: Android Central - Android Forums, News, Reviews, Help and Android Wallpapers

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