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OnePlus 7/7 Pro receive new OxygenOS beta with September security patch

The latest Open Beta build also brings new Game Space features and a few bug fixes.

What you need to know

  • OnePlus has released OxygenOS Open Beta 18 builds for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro.
  • The latest Open Beta builds for the two phones come with the latest September 2020 Android security patch.
  • OnePlus has also added new Game Space features with the latest update.

OnePlus has released new OxygenOS Open Beta builds for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro phones. The latest Open Beta 18 builds for the two phones bring the September 2020 Android security patch, new Game Space features, and a few bug fixes.

According to the official changelog, OxygenOS Open Beta 18 adds a new gaming tools box to Game Space. You can use the tools box for "convenient switches of Fnatic mode." For a more immersive gaming experience, OnePlus now lets you choose from three notification types: text only, heads up, and block. Some of the other new Game Space features included with the latest Open Beta build include quick replies in the small window for WhatsApp, and mistouch prevention.

Here's the full changelog:


  • Fixed the known issues with screen recorder
  • Fixed the issue that the notification bar did not respond occasionally
  • Updated Android security patch to 2020.09
  • Updated GMS package to 2020.08

Game space

  • Newly added gaming tools box for convenient switches of Fnatic mode. You can now choose three ways of notifications: text only, heads up, and block just for your immersive gaming experience
  • Newly added quick reply feature in the small window for WhatsApp and INS (Enable it by swiping down from upper right/left corners of the screen in gaming mode)
  • Newly added mistouch prevention feature. Enable it, swipe down from the top of the screen, click and the notification bar will pop out


  • Add the Best Answer function, which allows you to mark others' answers. Best Answer will also be rewarded with experience points
  • Add mall function, you can buy mobile phones and other OnePlus products more conveniently
  • Optimized the log information capture function

If you have the OxygenOS Open Beta 17 build installed on your OnePlus 7 or 7 Pro, you should receive the new update over the air soon. While it remains to be seen if the new Game Space features will make their way to the next stable OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 7 series, the September Android security patch certainly will.

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