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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Kids EditionEcho Dot (3rd Gen) Kids Edition, an Echo designed for kids with parental controls - BlueList Price: $69.99
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Sony is holding a huge PS5 event on September 16

Best answer: The next PS5 event will take place on Wednesday, September 16, Sony confirmed. This event will be around 40 minutes long, showcasing both first and third-party games coming to the PS5 at launch and the months beyond. PlayStation not did indicate whether it would announce the PS5's price or release date.

When will the next PS5 event take place?

Sony announced that the next PS5 event will take place on Wednesday, September 16 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET. Microsoft likely forced its hand by officially confirming the Xbox Series S — at an aggressive price point of $299, to boot.

This PS5 showcase is set to be 40 minutes long and will focus on games coming to PS5 at launch and the months ahead, both from first-party and third-party studios.

How can I watch the PS5 event?

PlayStation will be broadcasting the event on its official YouTube and Twitch channels.

When do the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release?

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X are both expected to release on November 10, 2020. Microsoft has already confirmed that the Xbox Series S is $299 and Xbox Series X will come in around $499. Both are available to purchase through Xbox All Access, Microsoft's financing plan, for $25/month or $35/month over two years, respectively.

When will the PS5 release and what will it cost?

The PS5 is set to release holiday 2020. If PlayStation wants to get the jump on Microsoft, it might opt to release the PS5 in early November or even late October. I'd expect a mid-November release date for the PS5 at the very latest. Sony has not revealed a price point for either the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, but $500 is probably a good estimate for the base console. The PS5 Digital Edition might go for $450 or $400 depending on how aggressive PlayStation wants to be with its pricing, but this is merely speculation.

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With the PS5 set to be backward compatible, you can feel comfortable buying PS4 games right now and knowing you'll be able to play them on Sony's next-gen machine. Though the company is still working to ensure all games work properly through backward compatibility, Sony plans to have almost all 4,000 PS4 games playable on PS5.

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Get your hands on it before it sells out

The PS5 isn't available for preorder just yet, but a few retailers are letting fans sign up for notifications so they don't miss out. While it's unknown at this time what the PS5 will cost, you should expect to pay more than what the PS4 launched at. Thankfully, the Digital Edition will probably cost less than its counterpart.

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