Amazon's Fire HD 8 was the best deal from Day One of Prime Day

You won't find a better tablet for cheaper.

It's no surprise that one of the better deals from Amazon Prime Day would come from Amazon itself. The Fire HD 8 is an incredibly affordable tablet to begin with, but with the annual event knocking 39% off of the retail price, it's an even better deal, and a perfect first tablet for media consumption and light gaming.

A $35 saving may not seem like much at first, but keep in mind that this tablet only costs $90 to begin with, and today's deal brought the Fire HD 8 to its lowest-ever price. This deal is easily within impulse buy territory, and you could even buy more than one to stock up on holiday gifts.

Great affordable tablet

Amazon Fire HD 8

The Fire HD 8 has all-day battery life, a microSD slot for expanding its 32GB of baseline storage, and an 8-inch display for streaming from various services, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and of course, Amazon Prime Video.

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The Fire HD 8 has been selling like hotcakes, but what's so special about a sub-$100 tablet? For one, it does a great job at balancing price, performance, and specs to meet the budget and use cases of people who don't need a tablet that can render 3D models or edit 4K video. You'll get 12-hour battery life with USB-C charging — a rarity at this price point — and a solid-feeling polycarbonate (plastic) design.

Amazon is on its 10th generation of Fire tablets, and that means this model is refined in all the right ways. You get surprisingly decent speakers and even an impressive display, which is exactly what you want on a tablet that's designed almost entirely for streaming media.

While the Fire HD 8 technically runs on Android, this isn't the same software experience you'd find on a phone. Amazon has its own build of Android that puts a huge focus on media, gaming, and of course, Amazon's own various stores and services. You can stream movies and TV shows from just about every major service, including Netflix and Hulu, and Amazon has a wide selection of games to choose from that have all been certified to work with the Fire HD 8's modest hardware.

There's even a built-in game mode that allows you to play undistracted, automatically silencing all notifications when you launch a game, then re-enabling them once you exit.

The Fire HD 8 is an absolutely incredible deal at just $55 during Prime Day, and makes for a perfect gift for anyone that just wants a tablet they can stream movies and play games on. It's small, lightweight, and fits just as easily into a bag as it does in your hands. It's no wonder it's sold so well through day one of Prime Day.

You only have until 3 a.m. EST on Thursday, Oct. 15 to jump on this deal, so don't put it off! Buy a few Fire HD 8s and be the cool friend or family member giving out tablets this holiday season.

Source: androidcentral

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