Buy yourself a better phone and laptop charger with these Prime Day deals

From phones to laptops and beyond, USB-C Power Delivery chargers are simply the best.

Trying to keep all of your tech and toys charged day after day is no small challenge, but having a good Power Delivery charger to center your gear around is a godsend. Whether you need a newer, smaller charger for your phone since the new iPhone doesn't include one in the box anymore, or you want to use one singular charger for both your laptop and phone — these are the USB-C charger deals that stand out the most this Prime Day.

Portable and perfect

Aukey 18W PD Wall Charger | 30% off at Amazon

With fold-in AC prongs and a compact profile that's smaller than an AirPods case, this Aukey charger is easy to pocket for a quick top-off while you're at the coffee shop. Be sure to clip the coupon for 30% off!!

$7 at Amazon

Sleek and stylish

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim 30W | 30% off at Amazon

This slim, sophisticated-looking GaN charger can charge either a phone, tablet or laptop while also fitting into low clearance outlets like between your nightstand and bed. It can also hide in a deck of playing cards if your coworkers tend to "borrow" your charger. (Be sure to clip the coupon.)

$17 at Amazon

For you and your friends

UGREEN USB-C 65W 4-Port PD Charger | 20% off at Amazon

It's rare to see a charger this small that can still pact 3 USB-C ports into it, and if you need a travel charger for your whole family's phones — or just a way to keep all the phones on your desk charged at once — this powerful little puck is for you.

$40 at Amazon

One port to rule them all

AUKEY Omnia 100W PD Charger | 30% off at Amazon

This charger may only have one port, but since it can output up to 100W, that one port can quick-charge just about every recent phone and laptop you could throw at it.

$32 at Amazon

Keep it all together

RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop USB Charging Station | $20 off at Amazon

Whenever it comes to multi-port chargers and Power Delivery, things get uncertain when it comes to how exactly power is broken down when multiple ports are in use. RAVPower takes out the guesswork with a detailed breakdown of power distribution.

$40 at Amazon

Next-gen compact

AUKEY Omnia Duo 65W PD Charger

If you don't need the full 100W Omnia, this charger will give you a USB-A QuickCharge port to help you keep both your phone/laptop and smartwatch charged up.

From $25 at Amazon

Of course, once you grab a new charger, chances are you're going to need some new USB-C cables to reach between your phone and your new charger. If you're grabbing a cable specifically for charging, consider grabbing a long cable so you can run it from your wall charger halfway across your bed so you can charge while you scroll Insta in bed.

Source: androidcentral

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