Genshin Impact: Use these codes to get free Primogems, Mora, XP, and more!

Don't forget to redeem these free Primogems, Mora, XP, and more!

You're going to need to gather several items and powerups in order to effectively explore Genshin Impact's magical land of Teyvat. There are characters that need to acquired and then once you have them, you'll need to level them up so you can take on all of the bosses and Hurlichurl camps you come across. To help you out, we've gathered all of Genshin Impact codes that give you free in-game items. And don't worry. We'll explain how to redeem codes as well.

How to redeem a code from the Genshin Impact website

  1. Go to Genshin Impact's official website.
  2. Click Redeem Code.

  3. Click on the Server box.
  4. The game will ask your for your Username and Password. Enter your information

  5. Select Log In.
  6. Now select the Server drop down menu again.

  7. Choose the Country you live in.
  8. Your character name should have filled into the next box automatically. If it didn't, select Character Name and enter the information.

  9. Enter the code into the Redemption Code field.
  10. Select Redeem.

Redeemable codes

Here are all of the codes that you can use right now to get in-game goodies.

30 Primogems, 5x Adventure EXP

  • US: GENSHIN1006A
  • EU: GENSHIN1006U

Expired codes

Unfortunately, these codes have already expired, so you cannot redeem the rewards that they would have given.

60 Primogems, 10000 Mora


Genshin Impact codes

There will likely be more codes as time goes on. We'll keep an eye out and will update this guide if we learn about any more that miHoYo releases. Until then, enjoy Genshin Impact!

Source: androidcentral

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