These Prime Day deals help you stock up on everyday essentials

Prime Day is here, and it's a great time to stock up on your everyday essential items around the home. From toilet paper to soap to household cleaners and more, Prime Day has it all. These items are also especially important this year, as a few of them have been often out of stock or hard to find on a regular basis early on during the pandemic. Thankfully, stock seems to be mostly plentiful, so make sure to stock up on those essentials.

Scott Essential Professional Bulk Toilet Paper

$66 at Amazon

Never enough TP

The Scott Essential Professional Toilet Paper gives you 80 rolls of 2-ply, with 550 sheets per roll. That's 44,000 sheets of toilet paper in this bulk package, which should be more than enough to last you for quite a while.

Marlowe No. 102 Men's Body Scrub Soap

$19 at Amazon

Exfoliate that skin

MARLOWE No. 102 Men's Body Scrub Soap gives you three bars of exfoliating soap. It's made with natural ingredients and has a refreshingly clean green tea scent. Scrub those dead skin cells away!

Art of Sport Body Bar Soap

$13 at Amazon

A pure clense

Art of Sport Body Bar Soap gives you four bars in a pack. These have activated charcoal with natural botanicals, tea tree oil, and shea butter, with an energizing citrus scent. They are also super moisturizing, and can be used in the shower or as hand soap.

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Organic Aloe Vera Hand Soap

$12 at Amazon

Wash your hands!

Washing your hands is always a good habit to have, even more so this year. This hand soap is all natural, featuring organic tea tree oil and organic lemon oil, and comes in a convenient pump dispenser.

Fabuloso All Purpose Cleaner

$35 at Amazon

Clean everything

Fabuloso is a well-known cleaning product brand, and this deal gets you six bottles of Fabuloso's All Purpose Cleaner. This stuff can clean your bathroom toilets, floors, and showers. It also works great in the kitchen for your pots and pans, because it easily degreases everything without breaking a sweat. And if you mop, it is a great cleanser for mopping floors.

C.O. Bigelow Bergamot Hand Wash

$14 at Amazon

Clean hands are happy hands

Need more soap? C.O. Bigelow is a good brand, and this Bergamot Hand Wash is excellent for making sure you have clean hands. It combines excellent cleansing with skin-conditioning ingredients that leave your hands soft and smooth. The glycerin, shea butter, and sweet almond protein ensure that your hands are moisturized after each wash.

Gaspard Et Lisa Clean Bubble Hand Wash

$18 at Amazon

Gentle for kids

This hand soap is gentle enough for kids of all ages, thanks to the mild formula designed especially for children. It has a gentle lemon scent, and you get three bottles, which should last a while. The packaging is also cute, and should help encourage healthy habits with kids.

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