This PopSockets Prime Day deal could save your phone and your hands

Save your hands and your phone, get a grip with style!

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, phone grips can save your hands and you should absolutely be using one. Less than a decade of pinky-propping has wrecked my left fingers, and over-extending your thumb to reach the far corners of the screen can lead to long-term tendon damage. A $10 piece of plastic versus a lifetime of joint and muscle pain is a no-brainer, especially when phone grips are as easy to use as they are in 2020.

Prime Day has brought us deals on tons of phone accessories — from power banks to microSD cards to USB-C chargers — but the best Prime Day accessory deal is one flying under the radar: the deal on a wide selection of PopSockets, including premium PopGrips and licensed PopGrips from Disney, Harry Potter, Pokémon and more.

Stylish and secure

PopSockets PopGrips and PopTops

Save up to 33% on various styles

PopSockets can be swapped off when you want to change styles or wirelessly charge, and there's a design out there for everyone, from sports fans to comic nerds to Disney freaks like me!

From $8 at Amazon

I actually already have a dozen or so PopSockets in my collection — I swap phones frequently and love to change up my style to match my cases — but I was sucker punched by how absolutely beautiful this La Vie En Rose Enamel PopTop was. Christmas is coming, and the red-green design will bring me some cheer as the world outside turns a drab shade of gray.

Because this was a PopTop listing — only the top half of the PopSocket, not the adhesive base — I could save a few dollars on top of the 31% discount without having yet another spare PopGrip base sitting with the rest of my collection. Of course, even more of the PopSockets in this sale are full PopGrips with the base for those who have never tried one before.

Part of why this deal has been flying under the radar all day is that like those old "add to your cart to see this deal", you don't see the final price until you're checking out. On the listing, you'll only see a You save an additional 27-33% on this item at checkout, likely to honor pricing contracts with PopSockets. Most of the PopGrips and PopTops in the deal are about $8-10, but since they show up in on Amazon's search and Prime deals pages at full price, it's easy to overlook the fact that they actually are on sale.

PopSockets are by far the most popular phone grip on the market, but others like the LoveHandle and Moft X are discounted right now, too.

Source: androidcentral

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