Best Buy joins hands with Instacart for same-day delivery across the U.S.

Instacart now offers a wide range of Best Buy electronics and tech products for $4 per order.

What you need to know

  • Instacart has announced a new partnership with Best Buy to offer same-day delivery across the U.S.
  • You can now have laptops, TVs, headphones, tablets, smartwatches, small appliances and more tech products from Best Buy delivered the same day.
  • Instacart has also rolled out a new 'Certified Delivery' initiative for high-value items.

Online grocery delivery platform Instacart has joined hands with Best Buy to offer same-day delivery from Best Buy locations across the U.S. You can now have electronics and tech products from Best Buy delivered to your doorstep the same day.

Chris Rogers, Vice President of Retail at Instacart, said in a statement:

We're proud to partner with Best Buy – the largest consumer electronics retailer in the U.S. – to offer customers across the country a new way to get the technology products they need delivered same-day. Whether it's a new computer monitor for a home office, a smartwatch to track activity or a new slow cooker for the kitchen, we want to provide more ways for people to get the goods they need as quickly and safely as possible.

As noted by The Verge, however, there is a $500 limit on products for same-day delivery. While you won't be able to have large appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine delivered the same day through Instacart, you can order TVs that are priced under $500.

To shop for Best Buy products eligible for same-day delivery, you will have to head over to the Best Buy storefront on the Instacart website or its mobile app.

Instacart has also introduced a new Certified Delivery feature, giving users an easier way to track and confirm the delivery of their orders. If you order a high-value product through Instacart, you will be able to accept and sign for a delivery using the Instacart app on your phone.

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