How Huawei's EMUI 11 and Petal Search are enhancing the user experience

Huawei's user experience is about to get even more exciting.

During the global launch livestream for the Mate 40 Series, Huawei spent some time showing off its new advancements in the user interface field with EMUI 11, as well as its impressive web browser Petal Search. Here's an overview of everything EMUI 11 and Petal Search have to offer, and how they're making the Huawei user experience better than ever before.

EMUI 11 makes the experience convenient and fun

Huawei's latest iteration of EMUI, EMUI 11, makes the user experience on devices like those in the Mate 40 Series not just convenient, but fun as well. With Huawei's Always On Display (AOD), users can customize their interface with a variety of different visual themes that ooze charm and allow for plenty of personal expression. You can even integrate animated GIFs into elements of the interface, which is awesome. Additionally, EMUI 11 on the Mate 40 Series also comes with Eyes On Display (EOD), which uses the front-facing camera to track the user's eyes. When the user looks at a Mate 40 device, the device will detect it and wake up to display the time and any recent notifications.

Significant improvements have also been made to Huawei's Smart Gesture Controls with EMUI 11 on the Mate 40 Series. Using your hand, you can wake up the device, scroll up or down, swipe left or right, and press down on the screen without actually touching it. This functionality can also be used to answer or decline phone calls, and you can also raise or lower the device's volume with a gesture, too. Volume controls can also be activated with your eyes, which is wicked cool. These gesture controls will be incredibly helpful for folks who have their hands dirty from cooking or cleaning and don't want to muck up their phone when they go to change a song or answer a call.

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Huawei has shown us everything their new Mate40 series will have to offer. See how their family of devices will continue with this new generation.

Thirdly, EMUI 11 features some big enhancements to multitasking. With its smart multi-window technology, you can split your device's display in two when a notification interrupts what you're doing. For example, if you're watching a video and you receive a text from your boss, you can open and reply to your boss without having to pause your viewing experience. But let's say that your boss was asking for information that you can only get from another app. Thankfully, smart multi-window supports opening up another app while your display is split, so you can still keep watching your video. That app window can be resized and repositioned as needed, too, which is a much-appreciated function. Additionally, EMUI 11 also has multi-screen collaboration, which allows you to project up to three applications from a Huawei smartphone onto a Huawei PC screen at the same time. This will be very useful for people who need to multitask more efficiently, as you'll be able to use all three apps simultaneously while also leveraging the capabilities of a PC.

If you're sick of how cluttered your email software looks, EMUI 11 has something else you'll also love — Email Conversation Mode. This setting automatically transforms your normal email view to look more like a text messaging app. It organizes your emails automatically by subject and author, and it also hides the full content of emails until you choose to open them fully, instead only displaying key information at a glance.

EMUI 11 also comes with some useful services. The first of which is MeeTime, which allows you to have full 1080p HD video calls with other Huawei device users. In addition to China, MeeTime is also available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Poland. Secondly, there's Celia, which is Huawei's voice assistant. Celia's languages include English, French, Spanish, Italian and German, and Celia is available in the UK, France, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, South Africa, Poland, Italy, Germany and Singapore.

Finally, EMUI 11 also comes with some sweet security features. You can choose to remove locational data from photos taken when you share them online, and the AI Private View feature on the Mate 40 Series automatically hides notification information when the device detects someone other than the user is looking at the display. Additionally, notification data is automatically hidden when a display is being blown up on a larger screen for presentations.

Petal Search is the superior way to web browse

Originally, Petal Search was just a simple app-searching software. However, Huawei has overhauled it into a full all-in-one search app that allows you to find just about anything you want. With Petal Search, you can find apps, hot shopping spots, information on the web, news about your local area, videos to watch, music to listen to, and more. Essentially, Petal Search is your gateway to the interconnected world.

Between Huawei's own life search services and information from its worldwide partners, Petal Search provides you with the most accurate and useful search results possible, making it more useful than other search programs that often display content that isn't quite what you're looking for. Local searches in particular are incredibly impressive, as Huawei has worked extensively to ensure that you can always find what you're looking for in your area. Some of the things that Petal Search can help you find include iconic tourist attractions, world-class dining experiences, and killer shopping deals. Additionally, Petal Search is available in 170+ countries in over 50 languages, so you'll be able to enjoy its value no matter where you are.

Another excellent feature of Petal Search is its security. It adheres to the privacy and security regulations of all the regions its available in without any deviation, which is excellent. Additionally, Petal Search's search engine comes with the ePrivacyseal data protection seal of approval, and it also complies with GDPR law. Additionally, the engine also comes with safe mode and incognitio mode for further security and privacy options. Lastly, Petal Search prevents websites and advertisers from tracking you and spying on your data.

EMUI 11 and Petal Search simply make life better

Between the improvements made to Huawei's user interface with EMUI 11 and the extensively powerful and safe capabilities of Petal Search, Huawei is committing to making sure that its users have the most stress-free, convenient, and fun experience with its devices. Whether you need to multitask on a busy workday, navigate your device in the middle of a messy kitchen situation, or make a plan for hitting the town with friends on a Friday night, EMUI 11 and Petal Search have you covered.

Watch the Mate40 series launch event

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Leap Further Ahead

Huawei has shown us everything their new Mate40 series will have to offer. See how their family of devices will continue with this new generation.

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