Need a new Kindle? Then you also need to see these Cyber Monday deals

As someone who's a voracious reader, Amazon's deals on its Kindle e-readers are always worth watching out for. The company is slashing prices on Kindles on all price tiers this Cyber Monday, shaving down the starting price of a Kindle to $60.

You'll be able to get the Kindle (2019) for $60 with a 33% off discount. Going up a step, you can treat yourself to a Paperwhite with a $45 savings, starting off at $85. If you really want to go all out, you can grab the Kindle Oasis for $195 — saving 28% off its normal pricing. You can also get a Kindle for the kinder, with the Kindle Kids edition now starting at $80 for a 27% savings.

If you're buying a Kindle for yourself for Christmas, for a friend, or even for family members, Amazon's Cyber Monday deals are worth investing in.

Burn through your reading list

Amazon Kindle | From $60 at Amazon

From $60 at Amazon

The Kindle basically created the e-book boom as we know it, and deals on Amazon's line of e-readers make jumping on more accessible than ever. You can read anything that counts as a book, ranging from novels to non-fiction, to graphic novels and manga on these little tools. Unlike your smartphones and tablets, you won't be bombarded with distracting notifications either.

Amazon also has deals on its Fire tablets, starting at a really low-priced $39.99 for its most basic one and going up to $80 for the cheapest Fire HD 10 (that's the 32GB ad-supported model). If you do want to open yourself up to the distractions and apps on games of modern computing — you can get one of those instead. If you want an authentic reading experience that recalls analog books, the classic Kindles are waiting.

Source: androidcentral

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