Outfit your car this Black Friday with Vava's 2K dual dash cam down to $153

The Vava 2K dual front and rear facing dash cam has dropped to $152.99 at Amazon. The dash cam peaks as high as $200 and regularly sells for around $180. It has never dropped as low as today's deal directly. Even previous deals we've shared only showed it dropping as low as $170 before.

This isn't the only option on sale right now, either. Vava has a ton of dash cams down to low prices for Black Friday. You can find some even as low as $40 if you want.

Everyone should have a dash cam. You just never know what's going to happen while you're out there on the road. I'm not even talking about traffic accidents. What if you see a meteor or happen across some crosswalk performance art? You have to get this stuff on camera.

The Vava 2K dash cam has a front facing camera and a rear camera. The front facing camera is capable of recording video at 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution and 30 frames per second. The rear camera records at 1080p and 30 fps. You'll be able to not only see everything that's happening on the road, you can keep tabs on what's happening in the car. If you're a driver for a company like Lyft or Uber or something like that, this is perfect for keeping tabs on visitors.

The cameras are also powered by dual industry-leading Sony sensors and four infrared LEDs to provide the best possible night vision. You'll get HD clarity and even be able to capture license plates at night.

Use Vava's dedicated app for even more convenience with controlling your camera. You can view, record, download, and share your recordings straight from your mobile device and post them to social media. The built-in GPS captures your vehicle's location and your driving route and speed and other information.

Source: androidcentral

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