Your Galaxy Tab S7+ case can protect or add to your tablet

One of the best Android tablets deserves only the best Galaxy Tab S7+ cases. The tablet has the ability to act as a normal tablet or as a full-fledged computer with multi-window app support when you need to get things done. Whether you want a folio, a keyboard cover, or just something to guard the back against scratches, these are the best cases to be bought right now.

Ruggedly handsome

Spigen Tough Armor Pro Tab S7+

Spigen is a brand we've trusted with our Samsung phones for the better part of a decade, and for a tablet as big and heavy as the Tab S7+, you're going to want something durable and long-lasting. The kickstand here is also nice and wide.

$27 at Amazon

Value pick

Neepanda Slim Tri-Fold Smart Case

Want the classic folio-style for the S7+ without breaking the bank? Neepanda has you covered with this tri-fold case that lets you prop up your S7+. It also keeps the S Pen stowed securely on the back so it can stay topped up.

From $10 at Amazon

Laptop experience

Samsung Book Cover Keyboard

This official cover comes with a built-in keyboard and trackpad so you can turn your Tab S7+ into a laptop with DeX mode. It uses pogo pins to connect, so you'll never have to worry about spotty Bluetooth or dead batteries.

$230 at Best Buy

Bookishly beautiful

Infiland Multi-Angle Business Folio

This folio feels like a more traditional notebook folio than a tablet folio. It comes with a pocket across the back to stow documents or a charging cable for easy access. I especially like that the flap on the folio covers the S Pen slot.

$21 at Amazon

For presenters and movers

ProCase Heavy Duty Shockproof Case with Hand Strap

Walking around with a 12.4-inch tablet in your hand is unwieldy as it sounds. Instead of ruining your fingers trying to hold it by the corner, grab this rugged case and use its built-in hand strap so you can better distribute the weight.

$27 at Amazon

To the side or the back

Dux Ducis Flexible Folio with S Pen Holder

This folio is a little bit bigger, but it has a slot on both the front and the back for storing the S Pen so that you can keep it stored more securely upfront while the folio is shut or on the back to charge wirelessly.

From $20 at Amazon

Easy grip

Poetic TurtleSkin

Poetic's rugged silicone case uses its thicker form and rounded edges to make it easier for smaller hands to grasp while allowing for channels that help disperse heat and better direct sound from the speakers.

From $15 at Amazon

Strapped in

BRAECN Heavy Duty

This cover lets you hold it or prop it up in several ways: there's a kickstand on the back, an integrated hand strap for holding it in your palm for prolonged periods, and there are anchor points on the corners for using a neck strap or lanyard.

$28 at Amazon

Backlit and beautiful

IVSO Keyboard Case

If you want a keyboard case for your Tab S7+ but can't stomach the exorbitant price of Samsung's Book Cover Keyboard, IVSO has a keyboard case that's right up our alley. The keyboard is Bluetooth, backlit in 7 different colors, and powered by USB-C.

$50 at Amazon

The best Galaxy Tab S7+ cases prop up your experience

If you want the classic folio experience, it's hard to go wrong with the Neepanda Slim Tri-Fold, which is excellently priced and has several color options available. This folio might be a little less flexible with its angles, but it's thinner, which I think more than makes up for the tradeoff. If you need a more adjustable folio, you'll be happier with the Infiland Multi-Angle, which also has the benefit of completely covering the S Pen slot when closed with that magnetic flap.

If you're looking for a case that's more rough-and-tumble — which is perfectly reasonable with a tablet this large — my money's on the Spigen Tough Armor which features a sturdy kickstand while still keeping things relatively slim. The cutouts around the ports and the camera are expertly done, with enough padding that connecting cables and adapters shouldn't be an issue, but not too wide as to leave your tablet exposed.

Source: androidcentral

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