Alexa now lets you easily share your shopping lists with friends and family

The feature is currently available only in the U.S.

What you need to know

  • Amazon's Alexa voice assistant has gained a useful new feature.
  • Amazon Echo owners can share their shopping needs with contacts using Alexa.
  • Once you share a shopping list, the voice assistant will send it as a message to the receiver's Alexa account.

Amazon has quietly rolled out a new feature to its Alexa voice assistant, allowing users to easily share their shopping needs with their contacts. The new feature will only be available in the U.S., at least initially.

To share your shopping list with someone in your contacts, all you have to do is say, "Alexa, send my shopping list to ." Alexa will then identify the contact and send the list as a message directly to the receiver's Alexa account. In addition to the Alexa app on your phone, you can share your shopping list with friends and family through compatible Amazon Echo devices as well.

Once a shopping list is shared, the recipient will get a notification on their phone or Amazon Echo devices to alert them that you have shared the shopping list. Needless to say, the feature will be incredibly useful to people who aren't able to make it to the grocery store themselves. It will also be helpful to people who are visually or motor impaired and need to share their shopping needs with other people.

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Source: androidcentral

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