Did you buy a Moto G phone in 2020?

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In the world of budget Android phones, we often praise Motorola's Moto G series as being one of the best out there for quality handsets at low prices. In 2020, we saw the release of the Moto G Stylus, Moto G Power, and Moto G Fast (along with plenty more outside of the U.S.).

Moto G phones certainly have their problems, but if you're looking to spend no more than $200 - $300 on your next Android, they continually stand out as market leaders.

A few of our AC forum members recently started talking about their Moto G ownership, saying:

12-01-2020 01:45 PM

Looks like a quiet forum, which should be good. Just got one and like it so far.

12-01-2020 07:00 PM

Same here bought one yesterday, made a few tweaks as I couldn't handle the gesture gap on the bottom of the screen. I really like this phone , just a few gripes , no dual or parallel app support natively and also the earpiece device volume is lower than any other device I've ever owned. Battery life is out of this world. Loses about 1% drain overnight during a 8 hour period. Have many apps...

12-02-2020 11:34 AM

Great phone. I came from the Moto G7 Power.


This got us to wondering — Did you buy a Moto G phone in 2020?

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