Don't worry — Samsung will have cases for the Galaxy S21 to hold your S-Pen

Might not be as efficient as sticking it in your phone, but something's better than nothing.

What you need to know

  • Samsung will reportedly make cases for the Galaxy S21 smartphones that will hold the S-Pen.
  • There are at least six different memory configurations, and five colors between them.
  • The listed variants are specific to Germany, so configurations and colors may differ by region.

We're nearly a month away from the expected January 14th launch of Samsung's Galaxy S21 series smartphones, and while there may be more leaks right now than anyone can keep track of, it seems there are more questions to be answered. At this point, it is all but confirmed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will adopt support for the S-Pen, which until now has been exclusive to the dying Galaxy Note lineup. One questioned that remained is how Samsung plans to accommodate for this seemingly extra accessory since there will be no internal storage to hold it.

New details have emerged that Samsung will have cases available specifically for the purpose of holding the S-Pen. These will be special versions of Samsung's Silicone Cover and Clear View Cover, with regular versions of the cases available as well that don't include S-Pen accommodations. This would be a good way to force users to buy cases for these smartphones, as they will cost a pretty penny despite any price cuts. Especially if you have a phone like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra it's always a good idea to protect it with a stylish case. You don't want to end up like Michael Fisher, after all!

Additionally, new details of the S21 series lists six expected memory configurations, with five colors shared between them. The configurations are as follows:

  • Galaxy S21 128 GB Grey, White, Pink, Purple
  • Galaxy S21 256 GB Grey, White, Pink, Purple

  • Galaxy S21 Plus 128 GB Silver, Black, Purple

  • Galaxy S21 Plus 256 GB Silver, Black, Purple

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 128 GB Silver, Black

  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 256 GB Silver, Black
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB Silver, Black

These variants are specifically for Germany, so configurations and colors could differ depending on the region. In addition to the 5G models, there will likely be 4G variants for specific markets as well.

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