Every game with touch controls on Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) for Android

A growing list that's starting off small at launch with only a few titles.

Xbox Game Pass for Android is here, and though the service supports over 150 games, only a handful of those support touch controls. A controller may be the preferred method to play these games, but you have the choice to go the old school mobile gaming route and just use the screen of your phone or tablet if you want to.

Every game with touch controls on Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) for Android

That's it, unfortunately. Microsoft is working with developers to add touch controls to more titles after launch, but as of right now, the list is pretty limited. More titles are being added all the time, so be sure to keep checking back to see how this list expands over the coming months.

Aside from cloud streaming, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also brings players a library of several hundred titles available to download to their Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles, with Xbox Game Studios games releasing into the subscription service the same day they launch at retail. In addition, members have access to Xbox Live Gold and EA Play. The value on offer is kind of insane.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1-month

From $1/month at Microsoft $15/month at Amazon $15/month at Best Buy

Your key to game streaming

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a phenomenal deal, available in 22 and supporting cloud streaming with over 150 titles. Only a handful support touch controls right now, but more are to come. With Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, and access to the entire Xbox Game Pass catalog, it's easily one of the best-valued packages in gaming.

Source: androidcentral

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