Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp down

The situation is ongoing, and it's unclear what the issue is.

What you need to know

  • Several major Facebook services including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down right now.

Reports all over the internet indicate that there is a large outage affecting major Facebook services including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp this morning.

Huge spikes on Downdetector indicate that users are experiencing connection issues on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. The latter is showing issues with news feeds, stories, and posting.

Maps of the respective outages indicate that the UK and Europe are the most heavily affected at this stage, however, this may simply be because US users are only just waking up for the day. Facebook at the time of publication has not issued any notice or update about the problem.

Reports on Downdetector indicate that whilst the highest concentration of issues is being reported in Europe, there are reports of issues on all services worldwide, including in Asia, Australia, and North America.

More to follow

Source: androidcentral

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