Feed the whole family with the Instant Pot Duo Nova pressure cooker for $60

The Instant Pot Duo Nova 8-quart pressure cooker has dropped to $59.99 at Amazon. This pressure cooker sold for around $120 before the holidays. It dropped to $70 for Black Friday, and while it has stuck to around that price it has also been selling out. If you haven't been able to find it, today's your day to not only get it at a low price but it get it for $10 cheaper. It has never gone this low, and it looks like Amazon is price-matching Target so you can also get it there.

So with this one appliance you get seven tools. You'll get a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, food warmer, and yogurt maker. Plus, the 8-quart size is a great size for feeding you and your family. It can handle enough food for up to eight people.

The Duo Nova uses a microprocessor that can monitor and adjust for things like pressure, temperature, time, and heat. It cooks food up to 70% faster than normal methods. Use the lid to easily seal in your food and let it cook, but then you can very simply twist and pull to get to the grub when you're ready to eat. There's a sealing ring and a steam release to make things easier.

There are more than 10 safety features built into the Instant Pot with UL certification, which means you can set it and forget it and not worry about it. Go do other stuff. Talk to your family, catch up on a show, or whatever while your food cooks. Plus, everything is super easy to clean up. You just have to wash the removable internal pot, which is also dishwasher safe.

Download the free Instant Pot app on your phone. It comes with more than 1,000 recipes you can use with your new device. It's available on iOS and Android and includes community functions so you can share ideas with other Instant Pot owners.

Source: androidcentral

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