Google Assistant support is now rolling out to all wired headphones

You will be able to issue voice commands by pressing and holding the "action button" on your headphones.

What you need to know

  • Google Assistant's 'spoken notifications' feature is finally available on all wired headphones.
  • You can press the "action button" on your headphones to talk to the Assistant when it is connected to your Android device.
  • Until now, the feature was limited to Google's USB-C Pixel Buds.

You no longer need a pair of headphones "optimized for Google Assistant" to be able to use the spoken notifications feature. Google has confirmed to the folks at 9to5Google that Assistant support, including spoken notifications, is now available on all wired headphones.

Until now, this Assistant feature was only available on select wireless Bluetooth headphones. On the wired side, it was only available on Google's USB-C Pixel Buds.

When you connect your wired headphones to your Android device, it will now launch a set-up process that will require you to enable the Notification access permission for the Google app in system settings. Once enabled, the Google Assistant will be able to read your notifications to you. You will also be prompted about allowing personalized results when your phone is locked, and the headphones are connected.

If you want to talk to the Assistant, you'll need to press and hold the "action button" on your headphones. You can verify if the set-up process has been completed by heading over to the Devices list in Google Assistant settings. You should find your wired headphones listed under the "Personal" section.

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Source: androidcentral

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