Insiders can now delete images on their smartphones with the Your Phone app

Insiders can now delete their phone's photos through their PC with the Your Phone app.

What you need to know

  • The Your Phone app now allows Insiders to delete images from their smartphone.
  • The feature is limited to Insiders at this time but should roll out to more people in the future.
  • The Your Phone app already allows you to view images from your smartphone on your PC.

Microsoft's Your Phone app allows you to view your smartphone's recent photos directly on your PC. A recent update for Insiders adds the ability to delete photos as well. The feature makes it easier to leave your smartphone in your pocket, as you can now do one more thing on your phone without having to have it in your hand.

At this time, the feature appears to be rolling out to Windows Insiders. We spotted the feature on a device registered in the Release Preview Ring. The update that adds the ability to delete photos brings the app to version 1.20111.125.0.

The Your Phone app already allows you to send text messages, view images, take calls, and control your smartphone's audio from your PC. If your smartphone is supported, the Your Phone app can even mirror Android apps to your PC. Microsoft continues to add functionality to the Your Phone app. Earlier this year, I broke my smartphone's screen and used the Your Phone app to manage all of my calls and texts. It worked well back then and has gotten several improvements since.

Your Phone

Free at Microsoft Store

Your Phone syncs your photos, text messages, and notifications between your phone and your PC. Now, Insiders can use it to delete images from their smartphones.

Source: androidcentral

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