The Galaxy S20 FE is one of the best phones, so it keep it looking great

Cases are practically a necessity nowadays, and that remains true for those looking for the best Galaxy S20 FE cases. This could be the way that Samsung owns 2020, as it has all the specs you could want with a sleek design and more color options than you can shake a stick at. Once you find the right case and one of the best Galaxy S20 FE screen protectors, you'll be right as rain and ready to do everything.

3D effects

Caseology Parallax

Staff Pick

The Caseology Parallax is another one of those cases that have become a favorite for many. The unique 3D design on the back improves grip and ergonomics, while the rest of the case gives you the protection you need. Caseology also ensures this case can be used with many of the best Galaxy S20 FE screen protectors along with maintaining support for wireless charging.

$16 at Amazon

The classic

Spigen Rugged Armor

For years, Spigen has reigned supreme as one of the best case makers, thanks in large part to the Rugged Armor series. This is one of the best Galaxy S20 FE cases with its lightweight design, and Air Cushion technology for enhanced shock absorption. Plus, you get that classic design that Spigen has been providing for years.

$12 at Amazon

Straight from Samsung

Samsung Silicone Cover

There are few things better than a no-nonsense silicone case, and Samsung provides with its Silicon Cover. This case wraps around all four corners while leaving plenty of room at the bottom for the speakers and charging port.

$28 at Amazon

That leather feel

BAISRKE Slim Leather Cover

If you're looking for a case to help "class things up" a bit, then the BAISRKE Slim Leather Cover is perfect. This case is made from TPU for great shock absorption but features an imitation leather material on the back to add some more grip while looking stylish. And if you're looking for something with a bit more personality, there are three colors to choose from.

From $7 at Amazon

Stand it up

Samsung Clear Standing Cover

It doesn't matter how big a phone really is, being able to prop it up to watch some YouTube can be quite valuable. With the Clear Standing Cover for the Galaxy S20 FE, you'll get a built-in kickstand on the back, along with a transparent TPU cover wrapping around your device.

$30 at Best Buy $30 at Samsung

Through the window

Samsung S-View Flip Cover

Nobody likes having to unlock their phone all the time just to check the time or see what notifications have come through. With the S-View Flip Cover for the Galaxy S20 FE, you won't have to worry about that thanks to the transparent cover window on the front. This displays various bits of information without requiring you to actually interact with your phone.

$50 at Best Buy $50 at Samsung

Show off

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

With the various color options available for the Galaxy S20 FE, it only makes sense that you would want to show it off. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid provides a TPU frame with a polycarbonate backplate for some great protection without being too heavy. And since this case is completely clear, you can show off whatever color of the S20 FE you end up getting.

$13 at Amazon

Put a ring on it

Newseego Rotating Ring Case

Even though Samsung ditched the curved edges with the Galaxy S20 FE, the screen is still pretty massive for some. But instead of picking up another accessory, why not get a case that will protect your new phone while featuring a ring holder that doubles as a kickstand?

$9 at Amazon

Beautiful colors

Vinve Gradient Case

Getting a clear TPU case is going to be key with the Galaxy S20 FE, but why not add a little more personality? With the Vinve Gradient Case, you can do just that with its gradient color design, going from purple on one end to pink at the other. There's even a spot for you to put a lanyard if you want to keep your S20 FE attached to your wrist while you're out and about.

$10 at Amazon

Simply solid

Osophter Protective Cover

Protection is the name of the game when finding the best Galaxy S20 FE cases, and Osophter delivers. The Protective Cover is made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate, ensuring the best shock absorption possible. There are four colors to choose from, so you can match your case color to your phone's color.

$9 at Amazon

Defend your phone

Giner Armor Defender

Cases with the most protection are usually big, bulky, and unsightly. That's not the case with the Giner Armor Defender, as this case sports a rugged TPU bumper with enhanced protection in all four corners. Plus, the company includes a tempered glass screen protector, ensuring that you'll cover every inch of the Galaxy S20 FE.

$13 at Amazon

Hybrid and colorful

Ranyi Hybrid Bumper

The Ranyi Hybrid Bumper is a rather unique case. It combines a polycarbonate bumper with a TPU backplate. Usually, these materials are reversed, but this makes it possible for you to have a few colors to choose from. All four corners have been reinforced, and there are the expected raised bezels around the front display and rear camera module.

$11 at Amazon

Keep your cards safe

CoverON RFID Wallet Case

There are times where you want to go out on the town, but don't want to have to bring your wallet. That's where the CoverON RFID Wallet Case comes into play since it can hold up to six in the inner pocket. CoverON also included RFID protection, so that your credit card information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. The case features a TPU bumper to keep the Galaxy S20 FE in place, along with a magnetic clasp for the front flap.

$20 at Amazon

Vibrant protection

Weycolor Liquid Silicone Slim Case

If you're looking for some rather unique and vibrant colored cases to pair with the Galaxy S20 FE, you're in luck. Weycolor's Liquid Silicone Cases come in three vibrant colors, along with a plain black option. As for protection, this is made from silicone, making it easy to clean and adding a little bit of extra grip.

$10 at Amazon


Milomdoi Military-Grade Case

This kit from Milomdoi includes two different cases, including a basic clear case, along with a more-durable case with a 360-degree rotating ring on the back. The company also includes two tempered glass screen protectors so you'll have all of the protection you'll need.

$13 at Amazon


Feitenn Heavy Duty Cover

If protection is the name of the game, you can't go wrong with the Feitenn Heavy Duty Cover. This case comes in two different pieces, but also features a built-in screen protector. With this combination, your Galaxy S20 FE is sure to withstand anything you throw at it.

$27 at Amazon

Bling, bling y'all

Dzxouui Quicksand Glitter Case

If you're checking out the Dzxouui Quicksand Glitter Case, chances are that you want something that helps your Galaxy S20 FE stand out from the crowd. The case itself is made from a TPU material for improved shock absorption, along with raised edges around the display and camera module. But the real story of this case is the unique design on the back with heart-shaped glitter that moves around as you use your new phone.

$10 at Amazon

Extra grip

Anccer Newborn Series

The Anccer Newborn Series is a bit more unique from the rest of the crowd with its use of three different materials. The edges are protected by a soft TPU bumper, while a polycarbonate backplate helps to keep everything in place. But then there's an added layer of PU leather which not only looks good but adds a bit more grip to your phone.

$16 at Amazon

Keep it protected with the best Galaxy S20 FE cases

Caseology's Parallax Case for the Galaxy S20 FE has quickly become a fan favorite for recently-launched devices, and for good reason. With the unique 3D design on the back to provide some added without sacrificing wireless charging compatibility, the Parallax is a home run. The case also features raised bezels for added protection around the display and rear camera module. This makes sure one of the best Android phones of 2020 stays pristine.

On the other hand, the Spigen Rugged Armor is one of those obvious choices for just about any smartphone that has been released in the last 5 years or so. The company has continued to release versions of its most popular case for every device, including the Galaxy S20 FE. If you haven't tried the Rugged Armor before, you'll be pleasantly surprised with its soft TPU material which provides a bit more grip than others. Plus, Spigen's Air Cushion technology adds a bit of extra protection on all four corners to help absorb any shock.

Source: androidcentral

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