These accessories complete your Chromebook perfectly

Your Chromebook is a productivity machine, and to keep productive, sometimes you need more than just the laptop itself. A mouse is often more comfortable and natural than a tiny trackpad, and have you ever tried to join a video call without using headphones? It's always a bad time. These accessories will help you maximize the experience and get the most out of your Chromebook, through work and play!

All-color carry

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve with Accessory Case

Staff Pick

Most laptop sleeves are available in 13- to 16-inch sizes, but MOSISO has us compact Chromebook users covered — pun intended — with the option for 11.6- to 12.3-inch sleeves, too! The separate accessory pouch is easier to pack without awkward lumps.

$14 at Amazon

MOAR storage!

Samsung EVO Select

You get a lot of bang for your buck with the EVO Select, which comes in sizes from 32GB all the way up to 512GB. If your Chromebook doesn't have enough space, or you want to store everything you own, this microSD card has you covered.

From $8 at Amazon

Bluetooth or Wireless

Logitech Pebble M350

This mouse has a nice slim shape that makes it easy to slip in your gear bag and go making it one of the best accessories for Chromebook. You can either use it with Bluetooth or you can use the tiny little Wireless receiver that stores underneath the mouse's magnetic top plate. It also comes in a few creamy colors.

From $28 at Amazon

Travel ready

RAVPower 45W USB-C PD Wall Charger

This is one of the slimmest 45W USB-C chargers we've seen so far thanks to the GaN technology that helps it achieve these higher speeds in a smaller footprint. It's not the best for crowded airport chargers, but it's great for tight squeezes in hotel rooms and convention center conference rooms.

$19 at Amazon

Connect everything


If your Chromebook doesn't have enough ports or doesn't have the ports you need — I'm looking at you, Pixelbook Go! — you need a hub. This one has eight ports, including Ethernet, HDMI, and three USB-A ports, as well as 100W pass-through PD charging.

$36 at Amazon

Great on the go or at home

Uni USB-C Hub

This hub's detachable cable is great for travel, but when you're at home, I absolutely love my Uni hub because I can swap to a longer cable and turn it into a compact docking station on my standing desk at home. There's also an 8-in-1 model if you want Ethernet.

$34 at Amazon (6-in-1) $40 at Amazon (8-in-1)

Ready to rock

TaoTronics ANC Bluetooth Headphones

2020 has finally brought us affordable headphones that have both active noise-canceling and charge over USB-C. Woo hoo! That USB-C fast charging allows you to get two hours of playtime back after a five-minute charge, but a full battery lasts 40 hours.

$45 at Amazon

Comfy and colorful

LUDOS Clamor Wired Earbuds

While Android phones may be ditching 3.5mm jacks, they are alive and well on Chromebooks. This is great news for you because well-wired earbuds with memory foam tips and in-line controls are easily available in a dozen colors.

$22 at Amazon

Made for Chrome

Logitech K580 Wireless Keyboard, Chrome OS Edition

Chrome OS function keys are hard to come by on a Bluetooth keyboard without spending tons of money or getting custom keycaps, but Logitech finally offers a version specifically for Chromebooks! It also has a numpad and the ability to quickly switch between two devices.

$50 at Best Buy

Charging on the go

RAVPower PD Pioneer 20,000mAh Power Bank

Need to keep a Chromebook alive even when wall outlets are far, far away? Not a problem with 60W Power Delivery portable chargers like this 20,000mAh model from RAVPower. You even get a USB-A port to charge your phone at the same time.

$45 at Amazon

Capable charging cable

Anker Powerline+ C to C 2.0 Cable (6ft)

This is the USB-C cable I carry most often for charging my Chromebooks and my Android phones, as it's a high-quality cable with a handy magnetic and velcro carrying wrap. That wrap and the braided cable sheathing should help this cable last for years to come.

$16 at Amazon

Multi-function microfiber

SenseAGE 3-in-1 Reusable Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth

Your Chromebook's touchscreen can get pretty grimy over time, and being exposed to all the oils that accumulate on your keyboard doesn't help. This microfiber cloth sits between the two to help keep the screen clean, and it can double as a travel mouse pad.

$10 at Amazon

These are the best Chromebook accessories at home and on the go

Using the right tools with your Chromebook can help you maximize productivity and fun. If you're looking to build a great workstation for your Chromebook at home — I do that at my standing desk — I've converted my Uni USB-C Hub into a docking station by swapping the included cable for a longer C-to-C cable so that I can plug into Ethernet, my Yeti mic, and my beloved trackball mouse. (Yes, I use a trackball, because I like being able to navigate with two fingers while my thumb sits on the left pointer.)

When leaving the house with a Chromebook — something I did at the drop of a hat before the pandemic started — you'll want a dependable laptop sleeve to keep it protected as it rattles around your gear bag. I've been loving the MOSISO 11.6-12.3-inch sleeve because it comes with a separate cable pouch so that you can pack things more easily in your bag — though the exact model I have is a little more vibrant than the solid colors linked above.

Chromebooks traditionally last 8-10 hours on a single charge, but when your day turns into a marathon or you're heading out for a weekend trip, please leave that bulky OEM charger at home and pack one of the best Chromebook chargers! The RAVPower 45W PD charger is slim and easy to pocket, and you can use it with just about any USB-C to USB-C cable you have on you, meaning you can use a short cable or a long cable as you wish.

Source: androidcentral

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