The Razer Opus ANC Bluetooth headphones have dropped by $50 at Amazon

The Razer Opus active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones have dropped to $149.99 on Amazon. These are new headphones that released less than a year ago and have not had a lot of opportunities to go on sale. This price today matches a low we saw on Black Friday and during the Christmas shopping season. The Opus normally sell for $200. We have seen them drop as low as $80 if you have a Sam's Club membership, but you have to login just to even see that deal. The headphones go for $200 at most other retailers including Walmart.

These are great headphones built to work with all of your mobile devices and especially your Razer gear. The headphones are THX Cerified for high-fidelity sound. That means real life experts optimized the audio for great immersion and a balanced sound stage that will give you the best cinematic experience no matter what media you're listening to.

The active noise-cancellation technology works great and lasts a long time. Watch your favorite movies or binge some TV or even just jam to your favorite tunes, and the ANC will shut out all the other distractions. It detects unwanted noises and nullifies them. But if you are using the ANC and realize you're missing something important, like sounds you need to hear (you know, like traffic) or a conversation that has started without you, you can simply press a button to stay aware of it all. The ambient noise around you will be heightened so you can keep up.

With a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 25 hours, it's important these headphones are comfortable. They have been engineered to last the whole time with plush leatherette memory foam ear cushions, a well-balanced weight that will never grow tiresome, and a snug clamping force that keeps your headphones attached even while commuting or going for a stroll.

Source: androidcentral

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