Save up to 40% on Anker charging cables, solar chargers, and more today

Have you found yourself lacking for power recently? Missing a cable or two to plug in all your devices? Needing a way to charge on the go? Don't let another day go by without a solution! Today one of Amazon's daily deals includes a variety of Anker wall adapters, charging cables, and power banks designed to solve just such a problem. Plus, you can get all of them at a discount with some as much as 40% off. This is a temporary sale, and these prices won't last forever.

The Anker 10000mAh solar power bank has dropped to $29.99 during this sale. That's a $10 discount and one of the only deals we have seen on this device. It is relatively new, not even three months old, so there haven't been a lot of deals to speak of.

The solar panel isn't the primary way to charge the system of course. It would take days to get enough power with just the solar panel, but it can augment the device and give you some extra juice over time while you're outside. The power bank is also IP64 rated to withstand both dust and water, so it'll keep working while you're on the move. It has two USB-A ports and a microUSB port for recharging. Anker covers it with an 18-month warranty.

Need to charge indoors? Grab this Anker USB-C power strip that includes two AC outlets, two USB-A ports, and a USB-C port. It's down to $24.99 today, which is $11 off its regular street price and $15 off what it has been selling for most recently.

The strip includes 30W high-speed charging with a USB-C port that has Power Delivery so it can charge even larger devices. It's also designed to handle larger power adapters for outlets, and there's a fire retardant casing so it is safe to use for a long time.

Check out all the other deals available today and save some big money.

Source: androidcentral

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