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Could a Weber iGrill 3 help up your grilling game?

Best answer: Yes, the Weber iGrill 3 is a great grilling gadget that can monitor the temperature of up to four cuts of meat and will send notifications straight to your phone when food is ready to be served.

Why should you buy a Weber iGrill 3 for your Weber BBQ?

Have you ever taken your steak off the grill only to discover that it's still rare instead of medium leaving you no choice but to throw it back on? We've all been there, but it's a scenario that's best avoided. It's why smart grilling tools like the Weber iGrill 3 were created in the first place—to take some of the uncertainty out of the grilling process and give you accurate temperature reads.

If you already own a Weber Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill, the Weber iGrill 3 is one of the best BBQ and grilling accessories you can get. It'll mount right into your grill so it doesn't take up any extra space, and because it's Bluetooth-enabled all you have to do is pair your phone with the iGrill 3 for it to work. You'll operate your Weber iGrill 3 through the excellent Weber iGrill app, which offers popular grilling recipes, time and temperature guides, preset alarms, and all the resources you need to make the grilling experience a better one.

It's important to note that the Weber iGrill 3 is only compatible with a Weber Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill. If you own a different grill, no worries. There are other reliable smart meat thermometers out on the market such as the iGrill 2, which works with any grill.

What does the Weber iGrill 3 have to offer?

Fortunately, the iGrill 3 comes with two meat probes (though it has a four-probe capacity) so once you've inserted the probes into your food you're able to track how things are coming along in the app. As long as you stay within a 150-range of the iGrill 3, you'll receive notifications on your phone letting you when your food has reached the desired temperature and is ready to be served. The Weber iGrill 3 makes grilling smarter, and certainly less stressful. It'll even notify you in the app if you're running low on fuel, which is pretty useful if you're hosting a big cookout and don't want to run out to the store halfway through. Here are some other specs.

Category Weber iGrill 3
Price From $75
Probe capacity Four probe (two meat probes included)
Connectivity Bluetooth only
Grill compatible Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II gas grills only
Dimensions 2.2"Hx2.6"Wx2.5"D
Battery 250-hour battery life
App Weber iGrill App
Temperature -22°F (-30°C) to 572°F (300°C)

Where could the Weber iGrill 3 improve?

Unfortunately, the Weber iGrill 3 doesn't come with a USB rechargeable battery, which would have been nice. It does, however, have a battery life of 250 hours, which should give you a decent chunk of grilling time. Another drawback is that the Weber iGrill 3 doesn't have Wi-Fi connectivity. It's Bluetooth-enabled so you'll have a 150-foot range to wander and still be able to check the iGrill app and receive notifications, but if you have a big backyard then a strong Wi-Fi connection would be more reliable. The biggest disadvantage of the Weber iGrill 3 is of course that it's not compatible with all grills. If you don't own a Weber Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill, you're better off getting the Weber iGrill 2, which is very similar to the Weber iGrill 3 but compatible with all grills and has the bonus of a display screen.

If you want a fancier upgrade to the iGrill 3, you could consider paying more for the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and is a true step-by-step grilling assistant created to guide you by offering smart features such as flip and serve notifications and even a food readiness countdown. And if you're looking for a smart grilling tool that has better value, you could consider the Weber iGrill mini or the Amazon Choice Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth-enabled thermometer. It's more versatile than the Weber iGrill 3 and has four probe capacity, a LED display that rotates, and a rechargeable battery whereas the Weber iGrill Mini only has a single probe capacity.

Connected grillin'

Weber iGrill 3

$75 at Amazon

A smarter way to grill

The Weber iGrill 3 is a great addition to your Weber Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill that'll improve the way you barbeque. Not only will it give you accurate temperature reads of up to four cuts of meat, it'll send notifications to your phone when food is ready to be served as long as you're within a 150-foot range.

Source: androidcentral

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