A brand new, standalone Battlefield game is coming to mobile devices

A brand new way to play.

What you need to know

  • DICE has announced a brand new, standalone Battlefield game is coming to mobile devices in 2022.
  • The company also detailed information regarding the future of the Battlefield series on consoles and PC.
  • More information on both projects is expected to come later this year.

Battlefield is one of the biggest and most popular shooters available, and soon the world of Battlefield will be expanding. Today, DICE detailed the future of Battlefield, including a new mobile game and information on the next installment for consoles and PC.

In a recent announcement, DICE announced that in partnership with Industrial Toys, a brand new Battlefield experience will be coming to smartphones and tablets in 2022. According to the post, this will be a fully standalone game, and a completely different one from the current games that exist.

DICE notes that this is specifically being designed for mobile platforms, and the goal is to create a fully-fledged, skill-based experience for mobile players. The game will be entering a testing period ahead of launch next year, and DICE will be sharing more details ahead of the release to give players a heads up.

Elsewhere in the world of Battlefield, DICE has detailed the future of the Battlefield franchise on both consoles and PC. According to the company, they currently have the biggest team they've ever had working on a Battlefield game for consoles and PC.

Both Criterion and DICE LA are working on the project, and their development team in Gothenburg, Sweden is also helping as well. More information is expected to come throughout the year, but DICE promises to bring everything that fans love from Battlefield into the next game, including the large scale battles, game-changing destruction, and more. According to DICE, the company is almost ready to reveal more, and cautioned fans to be ready "soon" for more information.

Source: androidcentral

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