Google is finally fixing one of the worst things about Android Auto

You'll soon find numerous new third-party navigation, parking, and charging apps for Android Auto on the Play Store.

What you need to know

  • Developers can now publish their Android Auto apps on the Play Store.
  • The move was first announced by Google in August last year.
  • Until now, third-party developers could only release messaging and media apps for the platform.

Back in August, Google announced that it was working with third-party developers to build apps in new categories for Android Auto. Nearly eight months later, developers can now finally release their navigation, parking, and charging apps for Android Auto on the Play Store.

While there is no doubt that Google Maps is one of the best Android apps out there for navigation, Android Auto users will soon be able to download many popular alternatives from the Play Store. Until now, Waze was the only alternative navigation app available for Android Auto.

Now that developers can publish their apps to the Play Store, Android Auto users are no longer required to sign up for a beta program to access third-party apps. However, developers must still meet Google's strict app quality guidelines. Requirements for Publishing to production include:

Some of the third-party apps that are coming to Android Auto include T map, Chargepoint, Sygic, PlugShare, AmiGO, 2GIS, A Better Route Planner, and Flitsmeister.

Source: androidcentral

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