Grab two weather-resistant Kasa outdoor smart plugs on sale for $30 total

If you're using some outdoor lighting, or there's something else you keep plugged in that's outside, then you should use a smart plug so you can control it without having to actually go outside yourself. Because who wants to be outside when you can be inside instead? Woot has two TP-Link Kasa KP400 outdoor smart plugs on sale for $29.99 total today. These smart plugs often sell for as high as $25 individually, and they are currently $20 by themselves on Amazon right now. You're saving as much as $20 with Woot's deal. Even when the outdoor plugs go on sale, they've only gone as low as $17 individually, which still isn't as good as today's deal for two.

Remember that with Woot, you will get charged a standard flat shipping fee. Use your Amazon Prime membership to negate that fee and get free shipping, which is the best way to save.

So the main thing you need from an outdoor plug is weather resistance. You want something you can put out there that won't get harmed by precipitation or anything like that. These plugs are IP64 rated. The 6 in the IP code refers to dust resistance and means there's no way any dust is going to get inside the plug and mess with its insides. It is actually vacuum tested for this rating. The 4 in the code refers to water resistance. While the 4 isn't the absolute best rating, it does mean your plug can withstand splashing water, falling rain, and things like that. Neither water or dust will be messing with your devices now.

The Kasa plugs each have two outlets. That means you can plug in and control a maximum of four devices at once. You can pair like items together or you can control all four individually. Sync holiday lights if you've got some on the tree in the front yard and some going along the garage. Or use the plug to set them up to go off and on at different times.

Control whatever is plugged in from the TP-Link Kasa app available on your iOS or Android smartphone. Set up schedules, routines, or just control them manually. They don't need a hub or anything, just your Wi-Fi network. If you have a smart home ecosystem, you can use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control the plugs with your voice.

Source: androidcentral

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