Let the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max on sale for $176 do the cleaning for you

The Eufy RoboVac 15C Max is one of our favorite robot vacuums of the year, and has been impressing us since it was released last year. Today, you can get it at a low price of just $175.99 at Amazon. The 15C Max normally sells for around $260. Today's deal matches the lowest we've seen. It's a price we've seen a few times before, but if you've missed it then this is your chance.

The 15C Max is a very powerful robot vacuum with great suction that can max out at 2000Pa. That's suction that won't disappoint and can handle anything from hard wood floors to deep carpet. Plus, the robot vacuum is still smart enough to stay as quiet as possible during operation, only bumping up the suction when it needs to. That's where the BoostIQ technology comes into play. It automatically increases the suction when the sensors detect the need for it. It takes only 1.5 seconds to get that extra vacuuming strength, too, so you'll always be getting the best possible clean.

With a slim design that makes it only 2.85 inches tall, the 15C Max can move freely around your home. It won't bump on the furniture or get stuck under the couch. It cleans quickly and efficiently and returns to its home when it's done. With a battery life that works for up to 100 minutes while maintaining powerful suction all throughout, the 15C Max can get any job done.

This is also a smart robot vac. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Then you can use the EufyHome app to set up scheduling and other features. If you have a smart home, the device can also work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. That really makes this the sort of gear you can set and forget about. It takes very little effort from you to keep the 15C Max going once you've set it up.

Source: androidcentral

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