Roku users could soon lose access to YouTube TV — here's why

Google has apparently threatened the company to manipulate search results on its smart TV platform.

What you need to know

  • Roku is notifying its users that it may lose access to Google's YouTube TV app.
  • Roku says recent negotiations with Google have broken down as it cannot accept Google's 'unfair terms.'
  • Google has apparently asked the streaming device maker to add a dedicated search results row for YouTube within its smart TV interface and giving more prominent placement to YouTube search results.

Streaming device maker Roku today sent out emails to its users to notify them of the possibility that Google's YouTube TV service could be removed from its platform. As reported by WhatToWatch, Roku says negotiations with Google have "broken down" as it is unwilling to comply with the search giant's "unfair terms."

While Roku hasn't shared any details, it alleges that Google is trying to use its monopoly power to force terms that will harm both streamers and users. It has also encouraged its users to contact Google and urge them to "reach an agreement to continue offering YouTube TV on Roku" and "follow standard industry practices pledging not to require access to sensitive search data or to manipulate search results."

According to Axios, Google is threatening to remove YouTube TV from Roku's platform to force the streaming device maker to add a dedicated search results row for YouTube to its smart TV interface and give more prominent placement to YouTube search results. Google has apparently also asked Roku to block search results from rival streaming content services while users are using the YouTube app and prioritize YouTube Music results from voice commands while the YouTube app is open.

Additionally, Roku claims it has been asked to use certain chipsets and memory cards that would force it to raise the prices of its best streaming devices that compete with Google's Chromecast.

Source: androidcentral

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