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E3 2021: Every Quest and PSVR game announced at the Upload VR Showcase

More games than you can shake a motion-tracked controller at.

It may not officially be Summer just yet, but E3 2021 is already bringing the heat with tons of new VR games coming for the Oculus Quest 2 and PSVR platforms. The annual Upload VR Showcase debuted several new games, including some new PC VR games that could make their way to the PSVR 2 when it releases in the next year or so. But let's not get ahead of ourselves too much and, instead, enjoy this huge showcase and all the new VR games this year will bring! You can find the show in its entirety at the video below, as well as a collection of every VR game announced at E3 2021 below that!


PSVR, Summer 2021

Developer nDreams' latest VR title, Fracked, feels like the polar opposite of their previous game, Phantom: Covert Ops. While Phantom had players sitting in a kayak the entire time, going to stealth route, Fracked sees players running, skiing, jumping, and parkouring through a snowy landscape, shooting anything that moves. In many ways, Fracked feels like playing an action movie, but it's a whole lot more interactive than many PSVR games ever try to be. nDreams is going for speed on this one, and it's not too dissimilar to the constant action you'll see in other PlayStation classics like Uncharted.


Oculus Quest, Summer 2021

Larcenauts takes the concept of a hero-based multiplayer shooter and translates it to VR in a way that only the team behind Farpoint could. Take aim in 6v6 battles as a hero player — that's a character with specific abilities that you'll utilize to hopefully win the day — designed to help players hone a specific skill set in the team-based multiplayer battles. Today's trailer featured VOD, a sort-of shark-looking character that fits squarely in the brawler class.

Also included in the trailer was the first roadmap we've seen for the game, which includes all the features the developers have planned for the game, as well as the estimated release time frame.

A Township Tale

Oculus Quest, July 15

A Township Tale, previously a PC VR exclusive co-op RPG adventure, is getting an Oculus Quest version complete with all the trappings and, of course, a wire-free experience! Launching on July 15 for just $9.99, each player will receive their own server to invite friends along for the adventure, as well as 1,000 Talems — the in-game currency that players can use to purchase cosmetic items. PC and Quest players will not be able to cross-play at launch, but the feature is planned for a future update.

A Township Tale is a co-op RPG adventure experience where players can invite up to eight friends on their virtual server to explore the world, fight monsters, spelunk for treasure, craft equipment, and even build their own town to live in. Each player can select a profession to master, including blacksmithing, woodworking, mining, archery, and more. Each of these crafting stations requires physical interaction from the player, digging deep into the unique experiences VR worlds have to offer.

NERF Ultimate Championship

Oculus Quest, 2022

A game with the title of NERF Ultimate Championship needs little introduction. It's the virtual embodiment of a quintessential childhood activity that just about everyone loves. As an Oculus Quest 2022 exclusive title, the game will certainly make full use of the freedom of movement that the Quest offers as you'll be running, dodging, and, of course, shooting NERF bullets at other players.

Developer Secret Location describes the game as a head-to-head team shootout, featuring quick matches full of vibrant color, intense physical action, and a wide range of blasters that encourage strategy and replayability. Player avatars and NERF blasters will be customizable, ensuring your winning personality is properly represented in the arena.

Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic

Oculus Quest, July 6th

A brand new expansion for the wizarding world of VR adds in huge new areas and a new dynamic magic system that's aiming to feel as natural as Aldin Dynamics' movement system. That even includes some rather surprising new mechanics that utilize the Quest's microphone to "put magic particles in your mouth which will modulate your voice and give it the power to cause shockwaves that impact objects and enemies" according to the developer. Now that sounds pretty magic! This update is free to everyone who already owns the game.

Song in the Smoke

Oculus Quest, PSVR, Summer 2021

Song in the Smoke is a new kind of survival adventure game that's not just set completely in VR but also aims to deliver a more realistic-feeling world than you've ever experienced. The mysterious, prehistoric world of Song in the Smoke compels players to craft, hunt, forage, and survive in ways they never have before in VR. Developer 17-BIT specifically highlights some of the unique dynamics of the game's combat and world-building systems in this 9-minute documentary-style trailer, including the advanced AI that becomes wary of the player as they do things like eating and hunting.

Eternal Starlight

Oculus Quest, June 17

Take control of an entire fleet of ships in this strategy game meets space sim, where you manage every ship in your fleet — including special abilities for each ship — attempting to survive in space against hostile aliens. The big draw here isn't just the strategy, its also the scale, as you can zoom as far in or out of the battles as you want.

Sweet Surrender

Oculus Quest, Late 2021

Sweet Surrender utilizes those sweet docile colors of a 70's disco to set the stage for its roguelite dystopian setting. Traverse the megatower and take down robotic enemy forces bent on eliminating all the remaining humans. An agile movement system gives players the ability to grapple onto seemingly any surface and propel themselves through corridors and rooms, utilizing an array of weapons, tools, and explosives to clear the way. You might even find destructible walls along the way that reveal secrets, 90's shooter style! Check it out on Steam for a trailer and a demo dropping next week.

Smash Drums

Oculus Quest (via App Lab), June 17

Forget slicing blocks, how about hitting those drums as fast as you can, instead? Smash Drums takes the familiar rhythm game concept to a different level by swapping out the instrument for something a little more visceral. The game is launching on Oculus App Lab in just a few days!

Puzzle Bobble 3D

PSVR, 2021

Already available on Quest, Puzzle Bobble 3D is a brand new take on a classic title that changes the perspective and upgrades the gameplay in a way only VR can (without ruining it)! Match those colors and pop those bubbles in high-scoring arcade fun!


Oculus Quest, Fall 2021

Unplugged takes air guitar to a whole new level by using the unique hand tracking feature of the Quest platform to let players actually play music in real life instead of just in their heads. Marcus Henderson, the lead guitarist from Guitar Hero, has joined the team and is part of the huge upgrade the game has received since joining on with publisher Vertigo Games, including the debut of The Offspring coming to the game in this new trailer.

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual

Oculus Quest, PSVR, Summer 2021

The classic point & click title makes its first move to VR, expanding those intricate puzzles and hilarious dialog to the virtual world, utilizing an escape room-style of gameplay with narration by the fantastic duo. Are you smarter than the never-ending dad jokes that Sam & Max will fling your way throughout the entire experience? You'll have to find out.

In Da Hoop

Oculus Quest (via App Lab), PSVR, Available today

Remember the glory days of Chuck E Cheese when you had the local high score at the arcade hoops game? In Da Hoop recreates that experience, including an incredible hand tracking experience on Quest that'll have you picking up virtual basketballs with your actual hands and tossing them through the hoop for a high score. The PSVR game will require PS Move controllers. HORSE ain't got nothin' on this.

Pistol Whip

Oculus Quest, PSVR, Summer 2021

The new styles remix weapons and levels with completely different, you guessed it, styles. Every week will bring 2 new styles to the mix, allowing players to use those styles to compete on the leaderboards for the player that can best adapt to the evolving gameplay. The new Bullet Hell gameplay mod is brand new and will keep you ducking and squatting constantly throughout the level — perfect for leg day! Cloud Head Games also teased the upcoming wild west expansion

I Expect You To Die 2

Oculus Quest, PSVR, Summer 2021

While we've seen I Expect You To Die 2 several times now — and this time should be the last since it's almost out — each gameplay trailer reveals new scenes, new mechanics, and the expanded narrative of the sequel to one of the best spy games in VR. Like the original, the game is rife with deadly puzzles and killer humor.

Windlands 2

PSVR, Late Summer

Windlands 2 isn't new by any means, but PSVR players have never been able to play its unique blend of platformer and shooter. Windlands 2 is a different kind of platformer with co-op gameplay where you swing across levels and take on massive boss battles. It's a whimsical world out there, but someone has to explore it!

Traffic Jams

PSVR, August 26

Asynchronous multiplayer mayhem ensues in Traffic Jams, where you take in the role of a traffic controller, attempting to keep all Hell from breaking loose at an unsuspecting intersection. While a single-player campaign is a ton of fun, the real draw of the game lies in its local multiplayer option, which sees your friends and family — who are sitting on the couch — using their smartphones to make that intersection as crazy as possible. It's an incredible party game available on Quest right now and is coming to PSVR this August.

After the Fall

Oculus Quest, PSVR, Summer 2021

The follow-up to Arizona Sunshine takes place in a decidedly colder environment with very different kinds of zombies and promises a more unique experience with every playthrough. After the Fall features four-player co-op gameplay that takes place in the frozen wastelands of the apocalypse. Amazingly enough, Vertigo Games was able to not only get cross-play working between PC and Quest versions but even keeps the high number of enemies the same between the versions.

Demeo: The Realm of the Rat King

Oculus Quest, June 28

One of VR's smash hits so far in 2021 is Demeo, a tabletop D&D-style game that brings four players together in a fully immersive way. You won't just be tossing dice and moving player pieces; you'll even be able to zoom fully into each piece and see the world from their size and perspective. The Realm of the Rat King is the first free expansion coming to the game this month. Check out our Demeo hands on to see why we loved the game (and you will too)!

Blaston: Crackdown

Oculus Quest, June 21

The Crackdown update adds a single player mode to Blaston, which includes an arcade-style scoring system, brand new cyberpunk-style environments, and tons of neon to the mix. You'll be slow-mo gun battling against the new tiers of single-player enemies and earning tokens along the way, which can be spent on sweet tunes and nifty actual arcade cabinet mini-games.

Sniper Elite VR

Oculus Quest, PSVR, July 8

The X-Ray Killcam makes a glorious return in a game that's not just about sitting in a tower and sniping enemies if you can believe it. You'll play as a member of the Italian Resistance during WWII carrying out stealthy assassination-style missions and using more than just a sniper rifle. This is one that's been made for VR since the first entry came out so many years ago!

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