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Here are the best Fire tablet deals for Prime Day 2021

Amazon makes some of the most affordable and most popular Android tablets, and to no one's surprise, many of its Fire Tablets go on sale during Prime Day.

Fire Tablet devices can run most of the popular media, streaming, and social media apps that you'll find on more expensive tablets, plus they can handle quite a bit of productivity work. They're also great for mobile gaming and for entertaining your little ones. And with multi-user and multi-account support, as well as Amazon's Kids+ service, they make the perfect family tablet even more of a good value. The non-kid versions of the Fire Tablets can be had in an ad-free, or a cheaper, ad-supported option (and you can always upgrade to ad-free for an additional fee at a later time).

These Fire Tablets often go on sale throughout the year, but you're unlikely to find a better deal on Amazon Devices than during Prime Day 2021. Here are the best Fire Tablet deals that we've seen so far.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus w/ charging dock | $10 off

The Fire HD 8 Plus is one of the most premium Fire Tablets you can buy in 2021, featuring a faster processor and wireless charging capability. When paired with the Wireless Charging Dock, you also get an Echo Show experience.

$140 at Amazon

Best Fire Tablet Deals Available Now

Amazon's Fire Tablets are already among the most affordable Android tablets you can buy, making these extra Prime Day savings that much more impressive. Here are all of the deals you can get right now!

Best Fire 7 Tablet Deals

The Fire 7 tablet is already so affordable that many people just drop one in their virtual cart almost without thinking about it. If it were available in a grocery store, you might expect to see it next to the gum and mints as an "impulse buy."

The Fire 7 has a seven-inch IPS display and is available in configurations of 16GB and 32GB of storage, though you can add up to 512GB through a microSD card. In addition, the device gets up to seven hours of screen-on time on a charge, has front and rear cameras for photos and video calling, and even comes with hands-free Alexa access.

Fire 7 | $50 at Amazon

This value tablet features hands-free Alexa and all the great apps and services you'd expect from Amazon. It's available in traditional black, or plum, sage, or twilight blue variants.

From $50 at Amazon

Best Fire HD 8 Tablet Deals

In 2020, Amazon introduced not one but two versions of its popular mid-sized tablets, the Fire HD 8 and the Fire HD 8 Plus. On the surface, there isn't much (if anything) that differentiates the two devices. Instead, the differences come down to internal components and external features.

The Fire HD 8 is the tablet that most people will (and probably should) get, as it has the same display and design as the HD 8 Plus but comes in $20 cheaper than its premium sibling. However, what makes the HD 8 Plus worth considering are those extra features that point toward the future of Amazon tablets.

The Fire HD 8 Plus has a faster processor and more RAM than the HD 8, but what's really interesting is that it can charge wirelessly. When paired with its Wireless Charging Dock accessory, you can even turn it into an Echo Show.

Fire HD 8 | $90 at Amazon

We expect the HD 8 to be Amazon's top-selling Fire tablet this Prime Day. It comes in three colors and two storage configurations (32GB and 64GB), and you can increase the storage up to 1TB with a microSD card.

From $90 at Amazon

Fire HD 8 Plus | $110 at Amazon

The Fire HD 8 Plus is Amazon's premium tablet experience, featuring improved internal components and high-end features like wireless charging. If you want the best, this is the one to get.

From $110 at Amazon

Best Fire HD 10 Tablet Deals

Until the Fire HD 8 and 8 Plus (2020) were released, the Fire HD 10 (2019) was our pick for best Amazon Fire Tablet, and while it has lost that crown, for now, it is still an excellent device for media consumption and gaming.

While you can still grab that Fire HD 10 (2019) version at a nice discount, 2021 brought two new devices to the lineup — the Fire HD 10 (2021) and the Fire HD 10 Plus (2021). You can purchase both options with a Productivity Bundle, including a full year of Microsoft Office 365 and a bespoke Bluetooth Keyboard. The Fire HD 10 Plus (2021), like the Fire HD 8 Plus before it, is the only version that can charge wirelessly with an optional wireless charging dock accessory. It also comes with a bit more RAM than the standard model.

Fire HD 10 (2019) | Save $25 at Amazon

The Fire HD 10 is like a little TV in your hands with its full HD screen and Dolby Atmos stereo speakers!

From $125 at Amazon

Fire HD 10 (2021) | $180 at Amazon

Like its smaller cousin, the Fire HD 8 Plus, this powerful tablet comes with more RAM than the standard version and can wirelessly charge with an available wireless charging dock accessory. This makes it not only a great entertainment and productivity device but a suitable Echo Show alternative.

From $150 at Amazon

Fire HD 10 Plus (2021) | $150 at Amazon

The 2021 edition comes with more RAM, new colors, and the option to bundle with a Bluetooth keyboard and Microsoft Office 365 in a productivity bundle.

From $180 at Amazon

Best Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Deals

Amazon has been making a kid-friendly line of tablets for several years now under the moniker of Kids Edition devices. These all come with a durable and colorful case, as well as a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ (formerly Amazon FreeTime Unlimited), which is the company's comprehensive set of parental controls and age-appropriate content. In addition, all Kids Edition Fire tablets come in three colors: pink, blue, and purple, and all can be purchased in two packs as well (in case your children aren't great at sharing). Best of all, Amazon includes a 2-year replacement guarantee with the purchase.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition has been a popular product for several reasons, not the least of which is the price. As the smallest Kids Edition tablet, it's also the least expensive. The other thing this tiny tablet has going for it is its size. The seven-inch screen is just about perfect for any kid to hold, be they a three-year-old toddler or a ten-year-old tween. Now in 2021, Amazon has introduced a Kids Pro line of Fire Tablets in all three available sizes, including the 7, 8, and 10-inch tablets. These are geared towards older children, ages 6-12 with more age appropriate content and permisions.

Fire 7 Kids Edition | $100 at Amazon

This small tablet is affordable, portable, and it comes with a built-in stand in its case. Amazon also includes a 2-year replacement guarantee — if anything happens to it, you can get it replaced at no additional charge with no questions asked.

$100 at Amazon

Fire 7 Kids Pro tablet | $100 at Amazon

The Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet is getting an update in 2021! This version of the device features a customizable home screen, a digital store with parental controls, a slimmer case, and it's even more lightweight than the last model!

$100 at Amazon

Best Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet Deals

As with the grown-up tablets, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition was our pick for the top Kids Edition Fire tablet. It has a better display than the 7-inch version, but it also has better cameras and speakers. Again, as with the recent regular Fire tablets, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition charges via USB-C, which is nice if you don't want to have too much cord clutter while charging. You can also expand the storage up to 1TB via a microSD card.

Of course, all of the other Kids Edition goodies are in place here, including the child-proof cover, Amazon Kids+ subscription, and bright color options. This tablet is still manageable with small hands, but it delivers a markedly better viewing experience. The Fire HD 8 Kids is also available in a Pro version for older children.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition | Buy 2, save 30% at Amazon

Upgrade to the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition for USB-C, an HD-quality screen, and up to 1TB in storage. In addition, today's deal saves you over $80 instantly when you purchase two of the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablets in the same order.

$196 at Amazon

Fire HD 8 Kids Pro | $140 at Amazon

While its hardware specs are similar to the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition device, the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is geared toward old children ages 6-12, with education and entertainment content that is more appropriate to that age range. This device also lets kids request apps and add select apps without parental approval, and there is a built-in web browser with parental controls.

$140 at Amazon

Best Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet Deals

If you have multiple young children in your household who happen to be good at sharing, then you may end up saving money by purchasing the larger Fire HD 10 Kids Edition instead of two or more of, the smaller tablet options.

The big and beautiful 10.1-inch screen is the same that is found on the regular Fire HD 10, and it is perfect for gathering around to watch movies or TV shows through Amazon Kids+, especially with the kid case and its kickstand.

If your kids do fight over the tablet, no worries! As with all Kids Edition Fire tablets, this one comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee that says that Amazon will replace a broken device for free! And if you have older children, you can also get the Fire HD 10 Kids in a Pro version.

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition (2-pack) | 30% off at Amazon

This tablet is the most expensive Fire Tablet available, but it's great for families with multiple children and/or those who like to watch videos together. Purchase two today to save $120 instantly.

$280 at Amazon

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro | $200 off at Amazon

The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is at the top of the kid's Fire Tablet heap. It's the largest kids tablet for the oldest children in your family, and it shares the same content offerings, permissions, and restrictions as the Fire HD 7 Kids Pro and Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablets.

$200 at Amazon

Best Fire Tablet Bundle Deals

Amazon has always offered some enticing bundles with its first-party devices, including its Fire tablets. Sometimes these are multi-device packages, while others feature accessories like chargers, cases, or screen protectors.

Fire 7 with Case and Screen Protector | $5 off at Amazon

Why not bundle a couple of accessories that you'd probably end up purchasing anyway? These will protect your tablet for years to come.

From $83 at Amazon

Fire HD 8 Plus with Wireless Charging Dock | $10 off at Amazon

If you're going to grab the Fire HD 8 Plus, you should really get this bundle with the Wireless Charging Dock to realize the device's full potential.

From $140 at Amazon

Fire HD 8 Kids Essential Bundle | $5 off at Amazon

Available in two versions (ages 3-7 and ages 8-15), this bundle comes with kid-friendly headphones and a tablet carrying case. It is also available for the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro, and Fire HD 7 Kids Edition, and Kids Pro tablets.

$200 at Amazon

Fire HD 10 (2021) Productivity Bundle | $50 off at Amazon

Turn your Fire tablet into a Chromebook competitor with a full year of Microsoft 365 and a bespoke Bluetooth keyboard. The bundle is available for both the Fire HD 10 (2021) and Fire HD 10 Plus (2021) tablets.

From $220 at Amazon

Which Fire Tablet Should You Buy?

Kids or no kids, our top pick for the best Fire tablet for most people is the Fire HD 8. It regularly retails for $20 less than the Kids Edition version and has the same specs and internals. You can always add Amazon Kids+ to the regular HD 8 at any time (and unsubscribe at any time), and the regular version gives you a bit more freedom in terms of your personal case choices. Plus, if you're only going to buy one tablet, you might not want it to be bright pink, blue, or purple.

Fire HD 8/10 vs. Fire HD 8/10 Plus

We touched on this comparison above, but if you read past it or were still confused, here's what it boils down to. First, unless you really care about charging your tablet wirelessly, then you don't need to bother with the Fire HD 8 Plus or HD 10 Plus. They are excellent tablets with some cool features, but they're not enough for most people to justify spending the extra money on. Plus, the regular HD 8/10 can still do Echo Show Mode as long as they are propped up in a case or stand.

Do you need a Fire Tablet Kids Edition or Kids Pro?

As I mentioned above, you do not need to purchase a Fire Kids Edition/Pro tablet, even if you want those features for your family. You can add the Amazon Kids+ service to any regular Fire tablet at any time, and the non-kids versions are substantially cheaper.

That's not to say that the kid-focused tablets are not worth the money; they are. They come with supremely durable and soft cases featuring kickstands, and the Amazon Kids+ annual subscription and kid-friendly UI are worth the additional expense for many parents. Plus, each Kids Edition tablet comes with a 2-year replacement guarantee; if anything happens to it during that timeframe, you can send it back to Amazon for a brand new tablet at no added cost and no questions asked. If you still want to learn more about these options before purchasing, be sure to check out our handy buying guide for parents interested in the various Kids Fire Tablet options.

Prime Day 2021 Fire Tablet deals I'm most excited about

All of the upcoming Prime Day deals are great to see, but I'm particularly looking forward to deals on the HD 8 and HD 8 plus. We're hoping for an incredible Prime Day deal to make this model way more affordable than it is throughout the rest of the year.

What were the best Prime Day 2020 Fire Tablet deals?

Last October, we saw some pretty good Prime Day deals on Amazon Fire tablets, and we hope these are bested in 2021. For example, in 2020, the Fire HD 10 and Kids Edition HD 10 were discounted by $70, while the HD 8 saw a $35 price cut. But the best deal of all might have been getting the Fire 7 tablet for just $40!

Source: androidcentral

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