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Here are the best Fire TV deals for Prime Day 2021!

If you're looking for a great streaming media experience, you can't go wrong with these Fire TV deals for Prime Day. Amazon offers the Fire TV experience in several different form factors to suit your needs, TV equipment, and budget. From the small Fire Sticks to the all-in-one Fire Cube or Nebula Soundbar, up to a full-featured Fire TV Edition set, Amazon has you covered.

Even if you prefer another virtual assistant to Amazon's Alexa, or if you aren't fully invested in the Amazon ecosystem, the Fire TV experience is among the most affordable, accessible, and enjoyable in the industry. Amazon also regularly drops the price on its devices, particularly around big sales events like Prime Day. Here are some of the best Prime Day Amazon device deals for Fire TV that we've found so far.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K regularly goes on sale, making it an even better value than its already low retail price. Control your shows and your smart home with this affordable Alexa portal. Today's deal saves you $10 off its regular price.

$40 at Amazon

Best Amazon Fire TV Deals Available Now

Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Deals

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is arguably Amazon's best value in the Fire TV line. It has a small form factor that tucks away behind your existing TV set and plugs right into the HDMI port. It also comes with the handy Alexa Voice Remote, which you can use to control the interface, ask for content, or get answers from Alexa and control your smart home devices. Plus, you get 4K, UHD, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, and all the visual goodies you've come to expect from premium streaming. All that, and you don't need to purchase an expensive new TV set!

Since the Fire TV Stick 4K is our top pick for Amazon streaming devices and already at an affordable price, why should you even bother considering the "regular" Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick Lite? Well, a few reasons. For starters, not everybody wants, needs, or really even notices the difference between 1080p and 4K — especially far away across the room or from the couch. Second, many people don't have TV sets that can even play 4K UHD video, so why should they buy something they don't need? This is also a great device for guest rooms, vacation homes, travel, or folks who don't really care about having the absolute best viewing experience. Finally, aside from the enhanced picture, you get the same Fire TV experience as you do with the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, or Fire TV Editions.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K | $10 off at Amazon

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K can match more expensive streaming devices in terms of output but cost much less and takes up much less room. This deal saves you $10 off its regular price for a limited time!

$40 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2021) | $40 at Amazon

The Fire TV Stick (2021) is nearly as good as the Fire TV Stick 4K, and it comes with the all-new Alexa voice remote. If you won't miss 4K UHD, get this one.

$40 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite (2020) | $30 at Amazon

The Fire TV Stick Lite is a low-cost streaming stick with Alexa Voice Remote Lite, HD quality video, and Dolby Atmos Audio access. This version of the Fire TV Stick comes with a remote that's unable to control your TV's power and volume, but otherwise, it's the same as the standard Fire TV Stick!

$30 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Kids+ | $39 off at Amazon

Pair the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with three months of Amazon Kids+ for only $1 more than the streaming device costs on its own! Amazon Kids+ is an app that's full of educational games, shows, movies, music, and even e-books that are all age-appropriate for your child.

$41 at Amazon

Anker Nebula Soundbar - Fire TV Edition | $50 off at Amazon

Anker's 36-inch Nebula Soundbar not only supports 4K streaming but enables it with its built-in Fire TV Stick 4K. That means you can use this smart soundbar just like the streaming media players above, and today it's discounted by $50 at Amazon for a limited time.

$180 at Amazon

Best Amazon Fire TV Cube Deals

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a fascinating hybrid device that we believe justifies its price bump over the smaller streaming sticks. Not only do you get a streaming media device to launch you into the Fire TV experience, but you essentially get a fully-functional Amazon Echo — all in one small package that is not much larger than a Rubik's Cube. That's a pretty compelling cube!

Amazon kept the design the same as the previous generation but beefed up the specs with its current offering to make it faster and more responsive than ever. In addition, it has what Amazon calls Local Voice Control, which allows the Cube to process many requests on-device for immediate results, rather than relaying the request to Amazon's servers before it can respond. It also delivers 4K UHD content and supports Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+.

Amazon Fire TV Cube (2019) Certified Refurbished | Save $20 at Amazon

The Fire TV Cube is like an enhanced Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Can't find the remote? The Fire TV Cube has Alexa built-in, so you can voice control it from across the room. It can control compatible soundbars and A/V receivers as well, even allowing you to change live cable and satellite channels with your voice. This refurbished model saves you $20 off its full cost when purchased brand new.

$100 at Amazon

Best Amazon Fire TV Recast Deals

The Amazon Fire TV Recast is not your traditional streaming device, so we'll forgive you if you haven't heard of it. It's not technically a Fire TV streamer at all, but rather an Amazon-powered DVR that can record shows "over the air" from a digital antenna and present them to you through your Fire TV or Fire TV app interface. You'll have to purchase the digital antenna separately if you don't have one already, but you can usually find a good one for under $50.

Amazon Fire TV Recast 500GB | $230 at Amazon

Ever wish you could watch live TV using your Fire TV Stick or Echo Show 5? With the Fire TV Recast, you'll be able to watch and record live TV on those devices or a compatible mobile device. This version comes with two tuners and can store up to 500GB of content.

$230 at Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Recast 1TB | $280 at Amazon

While the 500GB Fire TV Recast above can hold up to 75 hours of recorded content, this 1TB model can hold 150 hours. Plus, it allows you to record up to four shows simultaneously, whereas the 500GB model can only record two shows at once.

$280 at Amazon

Best Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV Deals

If you're in the market for a new television, why not get one with a premium streaming experience built right in, with no sticks, boxes, or bars required? Many manufacturers like Vizio and Samsung have their own smart TV platforms, or you can go with one of the great Roku or Android TV sets. But for my money, there's not a better deal to be had than on an Amazon Fire TV Edition TV set.

The primary Fire TV Edition manufacturers in the U.S. are Insignia and Toshiba (though if you live in other parts of the world, such as Europe, you have access to different brands). Fire TV Edition sets are available in sizes as small as 24-inches up to 65-inches, and at resolutions from 720p to 4K UHD. But the best part of all is just how inexpensive they are, and right now, these deals make them even more affordable. Here are a few of our favorites, but there are even more sizes and versions available.

Insignia 24-inch HD Smart TV - Fire TV Edition | Save $70

This 24-inch HD Fire TV Edition smart TV by Insignia is one of the most affordable smart TVs on the market. Today you can save $70 off its regular price and snag one for only $100 for a limited time.

$100 at Amazon

Toshiba 43-inch Smart HD 1080p TV - Fire TV Edition | Save $100

This mid-sized full-HD TV is the perfect device for your den or bedroom. It features DTS TruSurround sound, an Alexa Voice Remote, and all the glory of the Fire TV experience.

$200 at Amazon

Insignia 55-inch 4K UHD Smart Fire TV Edition TV | $150 off

Here's your chance to save $150 on the 55-inch Insignia 4K UHD Smart Fire TV Edition TV. This well-reviewed model features an LCD display, excellent parent controls, and built-in access to thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills.

$350 at Amazon

Best Amazon Fire TV Bundle Deals

Amazon often likes to bundle its own devices with other products that it makes or with accessories that complement those devices. This is no different from Fire TV streamers, and two of the best examples are with the various versions of the Fire TV Sticks.

Fire TV Stick with Star Wars The Mandalorian / Grogu remote covers | $59 at Amazon

Pick up the standard Amazon Fire TV Stick streaming device along with a cover for the included Alexa Voice Remote that features The Mandalorian or Grogu, otherwise known as "baby Yoda," on the back. Both color options are the same price.

$59 at Amazon

Fire TV Gaming Bundle including Fire TV Stick 4K and Luna Controller | $46 off at Amazon

This affordable bundle brings you the best Amazon Fire TV Stick with the next wave of home entertainment in Amazon's Luna game streaming service. In addition, you get a Luna controller that can play Luna games and serve as a secondary TV remote.

$74 at Amazon

Which Amazon Fire TV Device Should You Buy?

One of the things that we really like about Amazon devices is that the company generally has options for all kinds of customers and at various yet affordable price points. So which Amazon Fire TV devices should you buy? Ultimately it boils down to what your current equipment setup is and what your future needs may be.

  • Do you already have a nice TV, or are you not willing or able to purchase a new one? Then one of the Fire TV Sticks is a great option.
  • Do you want the flexibility of having a two-in-one device that can control your TV and serve as a smart speaker with Alexa built-in? Then you will probably be interested in the Fire TV Cube or Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition.
  • Do you want a great-looking, affordable TV with Amazon smarts baked right in? Then get one of the excellent Fire TV Edition sets from Insignia or Toshiba.

Whichever device you choose, you're going to have a great viewing experience, with access to tons of amazing content.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite vs. Fire TV Stick vs. Fire TV Stick 4K

We made the Fire TV Stick 4K our top pick among Amazon's streaming devices, but that doesn't mean the regular Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick Lite are bad products. On the contrary, as we said above, if you have an older TV that can't play 4K content, or if you need a streamer for a spare room, why wouldn't you want to save money to get a similar experience?

Do I need an Amazon Fire TV Edition device?

The short answer? No, absolutely not. The nuanced answer? Yeah, maybe?

TVs are expensive and kind of a pain to replace, so if you have a TV that you're happy with and that can output at least 1080p, but hopefully 4K, then I would pass on a Fire TV Edition. Save your money and get the Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, or Nebula Soundbar Fire TV Edition.

However, if you're looking to add a smart TV to your home or replace an aging set, then you'd be hard-pressed to find a better value than one of the Insignia or Toshiba Fire TV Editions. You can get them from 24-inches up to 65-70-inches and from 720p to 4K UHD. They come with Fire TV as the default interface and have Alexa Voice Remotes. They're also some of the most affordable modern TVs that you'll be able to find. And best of all, they're very likely to be on sale during Prime Day 2021!

Amazon is not the only game in town, obviously. Google's new Chromecast with Google TV brings a much-needed overhaul to the popular Chromecast, offering a visual interface and a remote for the first time — all for a lower $50 price than the Chromecast Ultra.

Whether the Chromecast with Google TV is a better deal than the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K depends on how much you use services from each company — do you prefer Alexa or Google Assistant, for instance — and how much you like Google's new candy-shaped remote control. Both sticks support 4K HDR, along with Dolby Vision and Atmos.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K vs. Fire TV Cube

When choosing between these streamers, it comes down to what devices you currently have. Technically the Fire TV Cube is the better device and is faster with twice the storage of the Fire TV Stick 4K (important if you want to download games or content), but the basic viewing experience is similar. If you already have an Amazon Echo in the same room, skip the Cube and go for the Fire TV Stick 4K. If you are just getting started with Amazon devices, the Cube is your best bet.

Prime Day 2021 Fire TV deals I'm most excited about

This year I'm really hoping to see some big movement with the Fire TV Cube and perhaps one or more of the 4K UHD Fire TV Edition sets. Amazon is continually lowering the price of the Fire TV Sticks, but it's not often you can catch a terrific bargain on one of the higher-end, higher-spec devices. I'd love to see the Fire TV Cube get an even bigger price cut (say, $50-$60 off retail price), and I just might have to click the buy button if I see that Insignia 65-inch 4K UHD model hit the sub $550 mark like I hope it will

What were the best Prime Day 2020 Fire TV deals?

Last year saw some pretty impressive deals on Fire TV streaming devices. For example, the Fire TV Stick 4K went on sale for as low as $5, and the Fire TV Cube was discounted by $40. You could even save as much as $120 or more on some of the Fire TV Edition sets. I expect to see comparable deals this year, but who knows: we could be even more pleasantly surprised!

Source: androidcentral

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