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Look out for these weapons in PUBG: New State

And you can customize them, too!

Following the mobile release of anticipated battle royale PUBG: New State, players will be looking to gain a foothold in the game as soon as possible. Choosing the right gun can be the difference between an early death and a tasty chicken dinner, and with a large amount of weapons on offer, it can be hard to know which one to pick. From shotguns to assault rifles, these are the best weapons to use In PUBG: New state.

Best weapons in PUBG: New State


The AKM is a relatively common weapon to pick up so warrants inclusion on this list due to its high rate of fire and ability to kill enemies very quickly in mid to close quarters. Admittedly, however, it's not the strongest assault rifle. Among the guns most commonly found in the game, the AKM is not one you should be swapping early.

Grenade launcher

The inclusion of such heavy weaponry as a grenade launcher on this list should be fairly self-explanatory. The sheer amount of damage possible here is undeniable, and the ability to fire up to six grenades at an enemy more than guarantees their demise. This is an essential killing machine, if you can get your hands on one.


With its high damage output and ability to hit targets at extremely long range, the M24 sniper rifle is a great choice, especially when traversing the large open spaces in between the built up urban areas. Equipping it with a suppressor is also advised, meaning you can take down many a player while they're none the wiser. Perfect.


While other shotguns in PUBG: New State are pump action or double barrel, the S12K is semi-automatic, making it an excellent choice. Well-suited to taking down a close-knit team of enemies in close quarters, or just as a back-up weapon in case you get swarmed, the S12K is well worth keeping if you come across it.


Another great choice for close quarters combat, the Vector submachine gun is notable for its fast rate of fire and low recoil. It's also useful as a back-up gun for when you need to get yourself out of trouble since it excels at quickly dispatching enemies close-by, and packs far more of a punch than others of the same type.


Undoubtedly, the current best weapon in the game is the Gorza, which has extremely low recoil, great damage output, and high accuracy. This assault rifle is even effective while hip firing, the recoil being low enough to reduce the need to look down sights if you need to fire quickly. Those trying it out shouldn't be put off by how it is a burst fire weapon, as the damage output more than makes up for this.

The best so far

More weapons are likely to get added in future, while some existing ones may be nerfed or buffed over time. However, these are the current best weapons you can get in PUBG: New State. With the ability to customize weapons, players can improve the entries on this list even further, a feature that is sure to excite many looking to rack up those wins.

Our pick

PUBG New State

Free at Google Play Store

A true evolution

Boasting next-level visuals and new gameplay features, PUBG New State has the potential to be a game-changer for mobile players. The battle royale has also greatly benefitted from having PUBG Studios back at the helm. The game is out now.

Source: androidcentral

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