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PUBG: New State bugs, launch issues, and how to fix them on Android

As it common with multiplayer games, expect to hit server disconnects.

PUBG: New State brings its battle royale players into the future, but even 2051 has its far share of bugs. Some things just never change. As is common with a multiplayer game like this, players have run into launch issues and bugs shortly after its release. These problems range from minor issues like abnormal colors to major ones like server disconnects.

PUBG Studios is working diligently on fixes for the community. In the meantime, we've compiled some of the most common issues that players are finding and the workarounds you can use to hopefully fix them and get to playing.

PUBG: New State — Known bugs and how to fix them

Server disconnects

Server disconnects are unfortunately common with multiplayer games like this, and there's not much that you can do. The developer is working to solve log-in issues and server errors due to a large influx of players. Until then, you may want to check your internet connection to make sure that the problem's not on your end.

Degraded graphics and flickering or abnormal colors

  • Issue: iOS users have reported instances of degraded graphics when launching the game from a friend invite link. Though this doesn't appear to have affected Android at the moment, it's possible that it could.

    • Fix: Restart the app and don't launch the game from a friend invite link.
  • Issue: Experiencing flickering or abnormal colors in-game.

    • Fix: Update your device's OS to the latest version and restart the game. Should that not fix the issue, change your settings to OPEN GL by going to Settings > Graphics > Graphics API and then restart the game.

Game does not start properly

If you have USB debugging enabled on your mobile device, you might want to turn that off while playing PUBG: New State. It's unclear what prompts this issue, but for whatever reason PUBG: New State does not play friendly with debugging turned on.

  • Issue: Game does not start properly and takes you to a different webpage.

    • Fix: Disable USB debugging on your device.
  • Issue: Game doesn't start on a Xiaomi device.

    • Fix: Update your OS to the latest version and relaunch the game.

Delay in showing NC and EXP

  • Issue: Delay in displaying accumulated NC and EXP.
    • Fix: The developer has temporarily disables the event icon while working on a fix.

Premium Pass Plus+ not able to be purchased

Players seem to be experiencing an issue where the Premium Pass+ cannot be purchased. This is a known issue that the development team is looking into, but there does not appear to be a quick workaround at the moment.

Control sensitivity not working correctly

  • Issue: The sensitivity of controls appear to work differently from the set value.
    • Fix: Reset the sensitivity to either Low, Medium, or High in the game's sensitivity settings tab.

Working on a fix

There's a full list of known issues over on PUBG: New State's website that the developer is working on. You can also view updates to some of these problems through the game's Twitter account., which is keeping tabs of the most pressing issues.

It may not be one of the best Android games at the moment, but hopefully with some time it will get there.

Battle royale

PUBG: New State

Free at Google

A new PUBG experience built for Android

No multiplayer release is without its issues. PUBG: New State may not be the most stable right now, but given time it could become an excellent battle royale experience.

Source: androidcentral

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