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Elden Ring boss Radahn has attacks you still haven't even seen

An Elden Ring player has just discovered a hidden attack that Starscourge Radahn has been sitting on for months. 

FromSoftware's soulslike came out in February, giving masochistic players an abundance of time for repeated playthroughs. Since its launch, the relationship between Elden Ring players and the game's bosses has been a rocky one. Updates have nerfed cheesing methods, as well as accidentally making Radahn easier to beat before promptly giving him his power back.   

But if you think you finally have Radahn all figured out, think again. After beating the game five times already, children's book illustrator Emma Ward ran into this surprise spin attack which she shared on Twitter

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The replies suggest Radahn's whirling dance of death is as much of a shock to the Elden Ring community at large as it was for Ward. One Twitter user says they've sunk over 200 hours into the game and have yet to see it. Someone else has beaten the game around six times and didn't encounter it until this week.

There are a couple of players claiming to have run into it on their first playthrough, with one saying it's happened every time they've encountered him. After much speculation about what could trigger the spin attack, including NG+ and good old RNG , one Twitter user thinks they have the answer.

"It's the spacing between you and him! This is a rarer attack for Radahn but if you're in the right range I think he can chain that move 3 or 4 times."

Still full of surprises

Radahn isn't the only Elden Ring boss surprising players with attacks so rare that barely anyone's seen them. In the same thread, @DNuatun posted a clip of Radagon  absolutely going to town on them. 

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"I beat the game so many times and have fought Radagon a lot, especially on my level 1 run and I've never seen him do this," exclaimed someone in the replies.

The revelations keep on coming, with @rao_ruthwik sharing a snippet of the Regal Ancestor Spirit rolling around like "regular goats". It was tweeted in response to another user sharing that tidbit of info.

The Elden Beasts grab attack is also news for some folks. And as @DNuatun goes on to comment,  "It just make me wonder how many attacks we have never seen...".

If you're running through the game and need some help with the big boys, be sure to swing by our Elden Ring bosses guide. It'll prepare you for some of the more common attacks at least. But at this rate, who knows what else the bosses have hidden up their sleeves.  

Source: TechRadar

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