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When will Thor: Love and Thunder come to Disney Plus?

Thor: Love and Thunder has finally stormed into theaters – and when we say "stormed", we really mean it.

The latest Marvel movie has already pulled in $302m at the worldwide box office (per Deadline) – a monetary taking worthy of the Norse god himself. You can expect that figure to increase a fair rate over the coming weeks, too, as more fans head to their nearest theater to watch it.

Whether you'll be checking Thor: Love and Thunder out at a cinema near you or not – read our spoiler-free review either way – we imagine you want to know when Thor 4 will be released on Disney Plus. Every other Marvel film has launched on the streamer at some point, so when will Thor: Love and Thunder follow suit?

Below, we'll tell you when Thor's fourth solo movie will arrive on Disney Plus. You'll also find a bit more information on the Marvel Phase 4 film, too, including its runtime, how many post-credits scenes there are, and more. 

So go ahead and grab Stormbreaker or Mjolnir, call forth the Bifrost, and let's find out when Thor: Love and Thunder will launch on Disney Plus.

When is Thor: Love and Thunder releasing on Disney Plus?

Gorr the God Butcher uses the Necrosword to stop Thor's lightning in Thor: Love and Thunder

Gorr is ready for Thor 4's Disney Plus arrival. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Unfortunately, there's no confirmed Disney Plus release date for Thor: Love and Thunder yet. 

However, based on when other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Phase 4 films arrived on Disney Plus, we can speculate on when Thor 4 will do so. The only Marvel superhero films that won't help in this situation is Black Widow, which received a simultaneous theatrical and Disney Plus launch in July 2021, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. The webslinger's latest movie hasn't been released on a streaming platform yet, but is expected to land on US service Starz first at some point in 2022. There's no word on whether it'll come to Disney Plus.

First up is Shang-Chi. The Simu Liu-starring MCU flick arrived on Disney Plus on November 12, over two months (70 days to be exact) after its theatrical release. Next, Eternals landed on Disney's streamer on January 12 – 68 days after it initially launched in cinemas.

No Way Home launched in theaters after Eternals but, as stated above, it can't help us here. Finally, Doctor Strange 2 portaled its way onto Disney Plus on June 22 – just 45 days after its May 6 theatrical release.

Thor jumps into the air as he wields Stormbreaker to attack some enemies in Thor: Love and Thunder

We think Thor will hammer smash his way onto Disney Plus in late August. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

What does all of that tell us? Thor: Love and Thunder will arrive on Disney Plus anywhere between 40 to 70 days after its theatrical release. Using those numbers as a guide, the earliest Thor 4 could come to Disney Plus is August 17. That's a Wednesday, too, which is the day that Disney releases new content on its streaming platform.

Meanwhile, the latest date it may land on (based on Shang-Chi's Disney Plus launch) would be Friday, September 16. As mentioned, though, Disney is more likely to release Thor: Love and Thunder on a Wednesday, so it could land two days earlier on September 14.

Our guess? Thor: Love and Thunder will arrive on Wednesday, August 31. Sure, it's a bit later on Doctor Strange 2's Disney Plus launch. But, with the next Marvel movie – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – not releasing in theaters until November 12, Marvel Studios may decide to delay Thor 4's streaming launch to spread out its content. 

Besides, the next MCU Disney Plus showShe-Hulk: Attorney at Law – lands on August 17. There's no way Marvel and Disney will release She-Hulk's TV series and Thor 4 on the same day. It's not in their best interests to do so – Thor's latest solo adventure would surely pull in more viewers than She-Hulk: Attorney at Law if they launched simultaneously. Marvel and Disney should give She-Hulk room to breathe and allow the show to settle into its plot before releasing Thor: Love and Thunder.

How long is Thor: Love and Thunder?

Jane Foster's Mighty Thor stands in New Asgard's throne room as she holds Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder

Jane Foster is back in one of the shortest MCU movies for some time. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Thor: Love and Thunder won't ask you to sit down for three hours straight (or take multiple bathroom breaks) when it comes to Disney Plus. 

The god of thunder's latest cinematic outing runs for just shy of two hours (1 hour 58 minutes, to be exact), making it the shortest MCU Phase 4 movie yet. It's also the seventh shortest Marvel film of all-time, too. 

Funnily enough, three of the seven Marvel movies that run for less than two hours are Thor films. Thor: The Dark World ran for one hour 52 minutes, while the first Thor movie clocked in at one hour 55 minutes. Thor: Ragnarok is the Norse god's only solo flick to exceed two hours; the superhero film racking up a runtime of two hours 10 minutes.

Does Thor: Love and Thunder have post-credits scenes?

Thor and Jane Foster stand face to face in another realm in Thor: Love and Thunder

Are there any mid- or post-credits scenes in Thor 4? (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Yes, Thor: Love and Thunder has two post-credits scenes. Well, technically there's a mid-credits and post-credits scene – just like most other MCU movies – but we're splitting hairs.

We've already covered what Thor: Love and Thunder's ending and post-credits scenes mean for the character's cinematic future and the MCU overall. Read our ending and post-credits scenes explainer article for more details on those fronts. There are major Thor 4 spoilers within that article, though, so open it at your own risk if you haven't seen the film yet.

Source: TechRadar

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