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PSN down: Sony's PlayStation Network is experiencing an outage right now

Sony is seeing widespread issues with the PlayStation Network, affecting games and other online services. What you need to know The PlayStation Network is down right now, with users experiencing issues with game downloads, launching games, and accessing online services. The issue is affecting PS4, PS4, PS Now, PS Vita, and web users. Sony has confirmed that it is aware of the issue, and is currently working on a fix. Unable to play online games on your PlayStation 4 ? You're not alone, as the PlayStation Network is seeing a widespread outage that is affecting online games, game downloads, account management, and other services. Users are unable to launch online games, download new games, or buy games from the PlayStation Store. The issue affects users on the PS4, PS3, PS Now, PS Vita, and the web. It's not just game launches and account management either, with PlayStation Video, Music, Direct, and Store also facing outages. Sony shared an update on September 24 at

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