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Apple's iPhone 13 Pro in Alpine Green: Hands on

While the Alpine Green color is the only thing that Apple added to the  iPhone 13 Pro  at the latest Apple event, it is a welcome addition to the lineup. Here's what it looks like. At the Peek Performance spring event, Apple released two new versions of its latest handset. This is has started to become commonplace for Apple as seemingly a way to juice sales halfway through a new iPhone's lifespan. In previous years it brought (PRODUCT)Red versions of its devices and last year we got anew purple colorfor theiPhone 12and iPhone 12 mini. This year we got two new green hues, not just for the base phones, but the pro models as well. The  iPhone 13  now comes in "green" while the iPhone 13 Pro has an indiscriminately-named Alpine Green color. A new pro colorway Alpine Green joins Sierra Blue, graphite, gold, and silver i

Black iPhone 13 Pro will reportedly be a lot darker than Graphite and Space Grey Apple products

Back in March, it was reported that the iPhone 13 Pro lineup would include a matte black color option and the same sources are now back with more details. In a new video, YouTuber Filip Koroy shares with us a couple of exclusives about the iPhone 13 series. The intel comes from leaker Max Weinbach. The iPhone 13 will allegedly come in a black hue that would be much darker than iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max's Graphite paintjob. To give us a sense of the shade, the video says it will be close to the Hex color code 121212. The Space Grey color offered for iPads and MacBooks is the darkest hue available on Apple devices right now and iPhone 13's Pro's black colorway is seemingly going to be even darker. According to previously reported information, the option will be borderline black and it will have a matte finish. The Pro models are also rumored to feature a new stainless steel coating to reduce smudges and fingerprints. Apple always offers a black or near-black iPhone