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Poll: What was your favorite announcement from Meta (Facebook) Connect?

Meta here, Meta there, Meta everywhere! In case you missed it, Facebook has a new name . The company is now going by "Meta" to highlight its focus on building the metaverse and how the company is no longer just about the Facebook app (which gets to keep its name, btw). But before CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change, he walked us through several updates to the company's AR and VR efforts, especially as they relate to the Oculus Quest 2 and future products. What were your favorite announcements from Connect? What was your favorite announcement from Connect? While much of the focus of the Connect keynote on Thursday was on the metaverse, many announcements were geared toward Meta's VR efforts with Oculus. The company divulged several functional updates to its platform that should please VR enthusiasts, such as including 2D apps like Dropbox, Slack, Instagram, and more. One nice change is the new cloud save system that automatically backs up your gam

Why Pixel 6 reviews are so varied over its new cameras

How is the Pixel 6 both the best camera and the worst camera at the same time? Bias and Google still fine-tuning. I've been using my Google Pixel 6 for two weeks now, and while writing its review for Android Central, the section that honestly felt the easiest to write for me was the camera section. The main sensor kicked out great photos day or night, and the videos I took were wonderful. While white levels missed every so often, it was always within the range for the highlights/shadows toggles to fix. In short, the Pixel 6's main sensor photos were great. Once those words were written, though, the urge to change or hedge them gnawed at me for days. Once the rest of the reviews for the Google Pixel 6 series came in, that gnawing turned into a heavy stone. A lot of reviewers weren't fans of that new 50MP sensor at all, but just as many found the Pixel 6 to be a great camera that only needed some minor fine-tuning. Source: Danny Winget Our own Nicholas Sutrich s

The Galaxy S21 FE has a launch date, but not as you might expect

The phone is likely set to debut at CES 2022. What you need to know The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is reportedly launching at CES 2022. The new launch window is slightly in line with a previous rumor claiming the device would debut on January 11. CES 2022 will take place between January 5 and 8, 2022. Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S21 FE figured in numerous leaks and rumors in the past, with the most recent report indicating a January 11 launch date . It now appears that the device will be unveiled a little sooner than previously expected. As per SamMobile , the Galaxy S21 FE is confirmed for launch at CES 2022, which will take place between January 5 and 8 in Las Vegas. The new launch window slightly coincides with the previous rumor, giving us hope that the device is indeed happening despite previous reports suggesting that Samsung would shelve the whole thing. If this pans out, Samsung will be announcing a Galaxy phone at a major tech event for the first time in a long time.

Preview: Heroes of the Dark offers a lot for RPG Android players

Heroes of the Dark throws in a lot of features, but balances them surprisingly well. One of the biggest strengths of mobile RPG Heroes of the Dark is how well it ties together and balances its many different ideas. On the surface, Gameloft's new horror-themed game appears to be juggling far too much at once, its base-building mechanic at odds with the hero collecting, its multiple currencies, and resources clashing with the simplicity of sending your heroes into battle. This is not the case, however, as not only does each mechanic work well together, each element of the game offers something that keeps you entertained. The game also runs very well on Android devices, its stability and smoothness remarkable considering its size. Renovations Heroes of the Dark is set in the fictional land of Tenebris, one that has been taken over by the ominous-sounding High Council. The player is tasked with taking it back using your horror-themed heroes, and there are many different parts

Privacy in the new Metaverse

The future may or may not be the alternate reality paradise that Mark Zuckerberg and company promised us. But if it is, our privacy will matter more than ever. The artist formerly known as Facebook is now Meta . We here at Android Central heard a lot about the promising future of the all-new Metaverse from the company on Thursday. But one area, in particular, was noticeably glossed over: user privacy and security. That's never a good thing and is especially bad whenever a company tries to rebrand or assure consumers how it plans to change and make improvements in the future. This, of course, goes double when that company is Facebook. Facebook used to be the darling of the tech world, but has recently fallen into a new role where nobody trusts it. Honestly, it's the company's own fault. This matters to most people who visit tech websites like Android Central. We care about how the companies that make our connected devices, and the software that runs them, treat our pr

New Gboard feature on the Google Pixel 6 will make you ditch Grammarly

No more silly grammatical mistakes as you type What you need to know Gboard has added a grammar correction feature that is only available on the Google Pixel 6 series. The new feature detects grammatical errors as you type and offers real-time corrections. It currently supports English, with plans to add additional language support in the future. Google has rolled out a new feature for Gboard on the Google Pixel 6 series that detects grammatical errors in real time, expanding the app's existing capabilities designed to make it easier to type on a mobile device. The new feature is intended to check for grammatical errors as you type, but it won't start until you've typed more than three words. Google also trained the feature to function even in the case of incomplete sentences. Grammar errors will then be highlighted, and replacement suggestions will appear at the top of the keyboard. Google also addressed memory constraints by creating an AI model that can p

How to watch Tottenham vs Man United: Live stream Premier League football o

Having been spared the sack after last weekend's dire display by Man United against fierce rivals Liverpool, under pressure boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer takes charge of the Red Devils in a seemingly make-or-break clash with Spurs - read on to find out how to get a Tottenham vs Man United live stream from anywhere in the world. The 5-0 hammering dished out by Jurgen Klopp's men last Sunday at Old Trafford will be marked out as one of the lowest points in United's recent history, and served to underline just how far behind the club are from the likes of Man City and Liverpool. Solskjaer's reprieve offers the Norwegian a chance to reverse a recent run of results that has seen United claim just a single point from the last 12 available. United come up against a Spurs side also looking to address a worrying run of results, with last weekend's stilted showing by Harry Kane and co in the 1-0 defeat away to West Ham marking the fourth consecutive London derby defeat Tott