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The best deals on MacBooks right now

The 2020 MacBook Air, one of the best laptops you can get, is frequently on sale. With multiple configurations and various models to choose from, finding a deal on an M1-equipped MacBook or Mac Mini is not all that difficult. It’s sometimes a slightly different story for the MacBook Pros with the beefier M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs, but any savings you can get on those Pro models is sure to be worthwhile. As for the newer 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with M2 processors, it may take time to see sizable savings. Here, we’ll run through the discounts that are currently available for the current MacBooks, as well as any deals to be had on the Mac Mini. And with the Amazon Prime Early Access sales event about to hit, there are hopefully going to be some extra-special deals cropping up on M1 Macs of all kinds. Of course, you may still find older Intel-based configurations lying around, with some heavy closeout sales. While those are compatible with macOS Monterey and the upcoming m
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DJI Store Day is a letdown – wait for Black Friday's drone deals instead

If you're looking to buy a DJI drone or action camera, you may have been patiently waiting for the DJI Store Day sales, which start on October 10. But given the event's disappointing preview, which has just landed, you'll likely be better off waiting for this year's Black Friday deals instead. DJI has now revealed the deals and discounts that'll be available during DJI Store Day. And unless you've recently received a DJI 'Golden Ticket' (which were handed out to some buyers of the DJI Avata and DJI Mini 3 Pro ), this isn't a huge amount to get excited about. When the event runs from October 10-11, the sole discount will be 40% off the DJI Action 2 's Dual-Screen Combo, which is decent but not much bigger than the price cuts available right now at retailers like Amazon. For most action cam buyers, we'd also probably recommend the newer DJI Osmo Action 3 . For drone fans, the pickings will be even slimmer. During DJI Store Day, the DJI Mi

Zero Dawn remaster on the horizon

The original Horizon Zero Dawn released on the PS4 just five years ago. | Image: Sony Next up on the list of remasters that nobody really asked for, Sony Interactive Entertainment might be working on a remastered version of Horizon Zero Dawn for the PlayStation 5. An unnamed source within Sony cited by MP1ST and VideoGamesChronicle pointed to a remastered version of the open-world PlayStation 4 title. Details on the remaster are scarce at the moment but reportedly include new character models, lighting, and animations. It’s also likely that it will incorporate new accessibility features, quality of life improvements, and compatibility with the DualSense controller, mirroring some of the improvements we saw with the remastered version of The Last of Us , which came out in early September. Here are some graphical comparisons between Zero Dawn and Forbidden West , so you can get a sense of what to expect from a potential remaster. Image: Guerilla Games Image: Guerilla

Here’s when Overwatch 2 launches in your region

Blizzard As the servers for Overwatch prime sunset sometime around 12PM ET today, heroes old and new are now looking forward to when we can officially welcome Overwatch 2 . Image: Blizzard Depending on where you are in the world, your Overwatch 2 launch time may vary from the 12PM PT / 3PM ET start time. London and Paris will get their game late on October 4th, while Seoul and Sydney will get access early on October 5th. If you’re an Overwatch prime player or purchased an Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack, you have the ability to preload Overwatch 2 on your PC right now. Unfortunately, console players will have to wait until 9AM PT on October 4th for that privilege. Developers, Overwatch League pros, and Overwatch prime diehards took the opportunity of the game’s official end to reminisce about the last six years of Overwatch history. If you’re a fan of OG competitive Overwatch , a group of old Apex tournament pros featuring Geguri, Jjonak, Bumper, Fury, Slime, and more, str

Reminder: Hulu’s going up in price next week

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Hulu’s raising its prices on October 10th. First announced in August , the price increase means you’ll have to pay $7.99 / month instead of $6.99 / month (or $79.99 / year) for the ad-supported version of Hulu and $14.99 / month instead of $12.99 / month for the ad-free plan. The prices for Hulu’s bundled plans with ESPN Plus and Disney Plus aren’t changing just yet, but Hulu has a price hike planned for later this year. Once Disney Plus rolls out its ad-supported tier on December 8th, the bundle with ad-free Disney Plus, Hulu with ads, and ESPN Plus will cost $14.99 / month instead of $13.99 / month, while the price for ad-free Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus will stay at $19.99 / month. Disney, Hulu’s parent company, is also rolling out two new cheaper ad-supported plans: $9.99 / month for Disney Plus and Hulu; and $12.99 / month for Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. And if you’re already subscribed to Hulu’s live TV bundle, the price f

Lazarus hackers target Dell drivers with new rootkit

It seems as blockchain developers and artists are not the only ones Lazarus Group targets with fake job offers.  Aerospace experts and political journalists in Europe have also been recently targeted with the same form of social engineering attacks, with the same goal - corporate espionage and data exfiltration from business devices.  What makes this campaign unique, however, is the fact that the targets were infected with legitimate drivers. Disabling monitoring mechanisms Cybersecurity researchers from ESET have recently seen Lazarus Group - a known North Korean state-sponsored threat actor, approaching the abovementioned individuals with fake job offers from Amazon.  Those that accepted the offer, and downloaded fake job description PDF files, have had an old, vulnerable Dell driver installed. That opened the doors for the threat actors to compromise the endpoints , and exfiltrate whatever data they were looking for. "The most notable tool delivered by the attackers was

Windows 11 update brings back welcome features to Task Manager and Widgets

Windows 11 finally brings back the ability to right-click on the Taskbar to enable Task Manager , without having to press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, alongside some widget improvements that had been announced previously. This is part of the Insider Program, where users can sign up to try out new features that could arrive in an upcoming Windows 11 release on a PC . Build 25211 brings both of these improvements to users signed up to this, alongside the ability for Snipping Tool to automatically save screenshots. For widgets , a new setting can switch off the gesture to hover over the side of a display to make the widget pane appear, alongside two separate icons where you can make the widget pane full-screen, or add any new widgets to it. While the first major update to Windows 11 is available for users to download, Microsoft is still listening to feedback from its users. Yet it does ask the question of why this small but useful feature for Task Manager was removed in the first place.