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Elon Musk pitches lofty goals in a magazine run by China’s internet censorship agency

Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Getty Images Elon Musk pitched sustainable energy, brain implants, and space exploration in an article published in a Chinese magazine run by the country’s internet watchdog and censorship agency, according to a translation from Yang Liu , a reporter for the Chinese state press agency, Xinhua. ( via WSJ reporter Karen Hao ). Formed in 2013, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) is in charge of creating and enforcing policies surrounding online content, user data, and digital security. The CAC later created a magazine that, according to China Media Project senior researcher, Stella Chen , typically includes regulatory announcements and research on internet policy. The magazine was initially called New Media before it was rebranded as China Cyberspace earlier this year. “Whether it’s Tesla, Neuralink, or SpaceX, these companies were all founded with the ultimate goal of enhancing the future of human life” The July issue of Ch
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Step aside Google, Amazon, Roku: TiVo is coming to smart TVs

Remember TiVo? Back in the pre-cord-cutting days, the company’s DVRs were omnipresent – so much so that the phrase “TiVo it” was used interchangeably to mean recording a TV show. Now, the company is bouncing back as a third-party smart interface alternative to Google, Amazon, and Roku on the best 4K TVs , with the first TiVo-powered sets expected to arrive sometime in mid-2023 in both Europe and the US. That information comes from streaming business publication Next TV , which, directly quoting TiVo parent Xperi CEO Jon Kirchner, also dropped news that the company’s TiVo Stream platform will appear in sets from a "leading tier 2 provider that makes multiple TV sets under multiple brands." Making TiVo Stream a widely available smart TV interface option pits the company against Google, Amazon, and Roku, all of which have been regularly tapped by tier-2 TV brands to run their respective Google and Android TV, Fire TV , and Roku TV OS platforms.  It also throws TiVo into a ve

Watch out Nvidia – new AMD RDNA 3 GPU leak promises big things

AMD’s next-gen graphics cards are rumored to be somewhat different than previously expected spec-wise, going by a new leak – and while there’s a bit of disappointment about some assertions made in this fresh spillage, there’s really nothing to worry about. Indeed, it’s likely Nvidia that’ll be worrying over some of the info floated here… Before we get into why that might be the case, let’s examine the leak itself, which comes from Angstronomics (via VideoCardz ), a publication which covers the semiconductor industry that we’ve heard from before . (Even if it isn’t one of the more regular sources that divulge info on Twitter, we regard Angstronomics as reliable enough – plus a major YouTube leaker more or less backs up these seriously in-depth details, and we’ll come back to that). Angstronomics draws the line on RDNA 3!We detail key specifications of Navi31, Navi32 and Navi33 that were finalized in 2020 and have not changed since!We also highlight some architectural changes inclu

The best deals on 4K TVs

Samsung’s latest version of The Frame is cheaper than ever right now. | Image: Samsung The future looks bright for those who are looking to nab a great TV at a substantial discount. Many manufacturers — including LG and Samsung — announced new versions of some of their most popular models earlier this year, ranging from The Frame and LG’s C2 lineup to Sony’s QD-OLED models . And now that manufacturers like Samsung and LG have officially launched their new TVs, we’re noticing prices falling on the last-gen, 2021 models. In some cases, we’re even beginning to see discounts on the newer 2022 models, including the aforementioned C2. Right now, there are currently a number of discounted 4K TVs to choose from, spanning a wide variety of prices, size configurations, and feature sets. Whether you want a secondary TV for the bedroom or a high-end OLED that’s built for a cinema-like experience, we’ve picked out the best TV deals across four common categories. Select a category

Apple held up Telegram’s latest update over emoji

The update is out now, but it doesn’t include Telemoji. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Telegram released a new update on Frida,y just one day after Telegram CEO and founder Pavel Durov said the update had been in Apple’s app review for two weeks without explanation . The update is packed with emoji-related features, but one is missing because Apple specifically requested its removal, according to Durov. “After extensive media coverage of my previous post, Apple got back to us with a demand to water down our pending Telegram update by removing Telemoji — higher quality vector-animated versions of the standard emoji,” Durov wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday. “This is a puzzling move on Apple’s behalf, because Telemoji would have brought an entire new dimension to its static low-resolution emoji and would have significantly enriched their ecosystem.” You can see the Telemoji in a short video included with Durov’s post (and I’ve made a GIF of the video he shared). P

Google has a new way of protecting you from misinformation in Search

Google is updating its search engine to cut down on misleading snippets and improve the ways it educates people by adding more contextual information. Put another way, Google's expanding its efforts to stamp out misinformation across its formidable search service. Snippets are the text you see highlighted at the top of a Search results page and are meant to provide a quick answer. While sources are included to back up the information, it appears there were instances of snippets giving a source that goes against the common scientific consensus. In what is arguably the biggest change in the update , featured snippets will have information that’s based on “multiple high-quality sources.”   The improved snippets will be backed up by a Google AI called the Multitask United Model (MUM) . The AI will actively check featured snippets and cross-reference that information against other sources to see if they all agree or if changes are necessary. Google claims this “technique has meaningf

OM System OM-5: everything we know so far about the promising travel camera

Fittingly for a camera that will be the last to bear the 'Olympus' badge, the OM System OM-1 is one of the best mirrorless cameras we've seen this year – and the rumors suggest it could soon get a smaller, more affordable sibling called the OM System OM-5. Seasoned fans of Olympus cameras, which were sold last year to an investment firm and re-born as OM System, will notice a familiar pattern in the naming of that rumored camera. Olympus cameras used to be lead by an E-M1 flagship, with the E-M5 range offering some of that power in a smaller body for travelers and hobbyist shooters. Despite this, the OM System OM-5 rumors are pointing to something slightly different. The speculation so far is pointing to a 'mini OM-1', including the key features that saw the OM-1 leap ahead of all previous Olympus cameras when it comes to autofocus, burst shooting and video performance: a new 20MP stacked sensor. Rumored OM System OM-5 specs – 20MP Four Thirds stacked BSI Li