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Google fixes an annoying Android Auto error with text messages

The error previously prevented new message notifications from showing up on a car's head unit. What you need to know Google has announced a fix for an Android Auto error that blocked notifications when new messages arrived. The problem began in November of 2021, and Google has now acknowledged it. To obtain the fix, users should update their Android Auto app and messaging app to the latest version. Since Google released Android 12 , there have been a number of issues with Android Auto , including a bug that caused Google Maps navigation to crash for some users. Another issue that has cropped up since November 2021 is a bug that prevents notifications from appearing on the head unit of some users when new messages arrive. The search giant has now fixed the problem (via autoevolution ). A Google representative confirmed that the team has "implemented a fix to resolve this issue" in response to a complaint posted on Android Auto's help page. One user compl

Spotify's market value drops by $2B amid Neil Young, Joe Rogan controversy

Young demanded that Spotify remove his music in exchange for allowing Rogan's podcast on the platform. What you need to know Spotify lost more than $2 billion in market value after Neil Young pulled his music from the streaming platform. The Canadian-American singer took his songs off Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan's podcast. Rogan has been accused of spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines via his podcast. Spotify's market value has slipped by $2.1 billion over the Joe Rogan controversy. Canadian-American singer Neil Young removed his music from the streaming giant a few days ago, accusing Spotify of supporting Rogan in spreading false information about vaccines. According to a report by Variety, Spotify shares dropped 6% in just three days, from January 26 to 28, following Young's protest. Canadian singer Joni Mitchell has also thrown her weight behind Young and had her songs removed from one of the best music streaming services as well. Pr

Smaller brands aren't to be overlooked in the kids' tech space

Google cracked the door into the kids' space, but smaller brands continue to kick it wide open and show the tech giant how it's done. Technology and science seem like magic in many ways, even to adults, but to a child, it's hard to convey all the effort from the teams of people who make devices like tablets work. As a person in this industry, with two boys, I see the wonderment in their eyes every day, and it's a constant battle of balance. That balance is finding safe kids' tech that's trusted not only to withstand the treatment of a child, but also ones that are private and secure. One of the primary issues parents face is finding kids' tech trustworthy enough to give to their children. Google should be one of those companies, but it isn't making the push it should. Yes, Google has Family Link , but it has many limitations. Some include: shared in-app purchases, workarounds for parental controls via third-party app installs, a lack of content mon

AC Podcast 556: Galaxy S22 Spec Leaks; OnePlus Nord 2T

Smartphone season is nearly upon us, which means we have a metric boatload of leaks and rumors to share. Tune in and learn what's coming this year along with other news for Google and Android fans. Listen now Subscribe in Spotify: Audio Subscribe in iTunes: Audio Subscribe in RSS: Audio Download directly: Audio Links: Lenovo, Sony will skip in-person MWC 2022 while other Android brands commit to stay | Android Central Qualcomm's SoundHound partnership keeps your voice searches off the cloud | Android Central Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket launch globally with insane cameras | Android Central Massive Samsung Galaxy S22 specs leak leaves nothing to the imagination | Android Central Samsung confirms Galaxy Unpacked date and time for Galaxy S22 reveal | Android Central Leaked Galaxy S22 renders show off the different colors, models, and angles | Android Central Samsung's Galaxy Home Mini successor could be right around the corner | Android Central The PS VR

Review: Get the right fit and sound with the Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Jabra finds the right fit for most ears to go with everything else it delivers. For several years now, Jabra has been consistent in approaching wireless earbuds. The combination of audio performance and reliability has positioned the company in the upper echelon year after year. However, when it's time to refresh things, Jabra usually aims straight for the design to deal with concerns over fit and comfort. That was clearly a major motivation behind the Elite 7 Pro, arguably the current flagship, despite the ongoing presence of the Elite 85t. The Elite 7 Pro also share the distinction with the Elite 7 Active, which are basically identical in every way save for a couple of design changes. To stand out as among Jabra's best, the Elite 7 Pro had to balance out in all the right ways. Jabra Eli

Why not upgrade your Wi-Fi? Here's our guide to the best routers!

The best Wi-Fi routers can be lifesavers. The difference between good Wi-Fi in your house and poor connectivity can be the difference between a good day and a bad one. So whether you need something with a ton of speed and connections or just want to make sure you don't drop your connection when you move around your home, there's a router that's right for you. Here's our reliable guide to some of the best wireless routers you can buy today. What are the best Wi-Fi routers? The TP-Link Archer AX21 is the best Wi-Fi router thanks to its AX1800 speeds being enough for most people and offering the capacity for future Wi-Fi 6 devices. It also has an easy setup procedure thanks to the TP-Link Tether app for smartphones. So if you're looking for something to keep up with most households without going overboard, the AX21 is a great fit. The best value option is the TP-Link Archer A7. While cheaper routers are available, the AC1750 speeds should keep up with HD media st

Best fitness tech and apps to get you in tip-top shape in 2022

You've probably abandoned your 2022 fitness goals already, so find some new ones that'll last. Setting New Year's Resolutions can be a futile venture. Forbes says that four out of five people abandon their goals by February, and is that really a surprise? The days are short and cold, you're probably facing new goals at work or school, and you're putting the pressure of a year's worth of self-improvment on your shoulders. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? It's time to put our old resolutions aside and give them a February reboot. Rather than aiming for a specific mileage or weight goal for your dream self, you need to avoid the psychological pressure for results and focus instead on building good habits and actionable goals. You can hit those goals with nothing but good old-fashioned human willpower. But why do that when you have tech to help make the process a heck of a lot easier? From apps to trackers, smart assistants to watches, thes